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The Spice Girls Said it Best

My mom is the most low-key person I know. She's always the one staying away from the spotlight (I didn't get this trait), she's always keeping her mouth closed when with others and she's just always trying to make herself as non-noticeable as possible. She hates it when we call too much attention to ourselves (like say when waiters sing to you on your birthday at a restaurant).

But today, I didn't think I could let her go on with this. So when we went to mass, I told our priest it was her birthday and because we're there everyday, they kind of know us already. My mom couldn't exactly get mad that the priest greeted her, right? My mom was shocked that the priest even knew it was her birthday (thanks to my doing of course). This is a HUGE step for my mom. Seeing as she hates any form of unneccessary attention.

But really, I think she deserves a little attention. It is her birthday after all. So to the bestest ever, most kick-ass, coolest, sweetest, hottest mom I could ever had. I don't think I say it enough, but I'm so grateful and happy and blessed every day that you're my mom. How's this for unwanted attention? Mama, I love you. Happy birthday mommy!
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