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American Idol 6: Top 2

The only reason I'm writing this is because Blake Lewis is in the finale. However, it doesn't mean anything I say really matters because Jordin Sparks is going to win this thing. That's what the judges said, that's obviously what the producers want. That's what DialIdol is predicting. And most importantly, that was who this was finale was produced for.

Pardon the angsty tone, I'm obviously pissed -- not because of Blake's performances, which in my opinion were pretty damn good, but because for me, the favoritism is so blatant.


Blake Lewis - "You Give Love A Bad Name" (Encore)
This song can only be done once on Idol and well, he decided to do it again. I can't blame him because it was his best. Still, despite my thinking he could only do it once, Blake managed to get it going the second time around. It was a great way to start the show too. If you listen the fans don't stop yelling. It would probably be so fun to be in the audience because people just didn't stop cheering.
Randy: "I'll give you a 10 out of 10 on the beatboxing. The singing was just all right"
Paula: "I'm going to clean his ears out for him (referring to Randy Jackson). I think you outdid yourself. I wish I could give you more than a 10"
Simon: "You're not the best singer in the competition but you’re the best performer. The singing was a bit flat in the middle but I don't think it matters because it was your best performance"
I never thought I'd say this: I LOVE PAULA ABDUL -- broken nose, possibly drunk and high and all. Yes, it wasn't as fabulous as the first time, but that's only because we already KNEW what was coming. There was no element of surprise anymore. Still, I liked it.

Jordin Sparks - "Fighter" (Christina Aguilera)
Who does a Christina song? Wow, Jordin, that was fucking-not-good. It's Christina for gods sakes and I don't think she even got the essence of the song. It's supposed to be empowering and alive and you just stood there AGAIN in the middle of the stage. NOT only did it NOT empower me, but there was absolutely NO power in her voice too. And what's up with lagging on the time? She was trying to follow the melody the entire time. Then comes the glory note. She was yelling in place the entire time. Not good.
Randy: "Very interesting show tonight - I feel like we have the great entertainer against the great singer. Your voice -you were stellar"
Paula: "I knew this was going to be one of the best finales ever tonight and right now opening up this show you proved it - that was stellar"
Simon: "On a positive note I’m glad you chose a younger song because you are only 17. I thought the vocals were a bit shrieky in the middle. I'm going to call round one to Blake"
Dudes, that WAS NOT STELLAR!?! If by stellar you meant it was so bad you wanted to go hide in a far away STAR, then yes. But it wasn't great at all. It was so top 24 and I'm not even joking. Obvious pimpage from the judges. I see Simon trying to fight the Jordin train and Nigel won't be too happy with that. What? Did he mention she was 17? Who the fuck didn't know that? I guess Simon's trying to earn a brownie point with TPTB.


Blake Lewis - "She Will Be Loved" (Maroon 5)
Someone obviously loves Adam Levine and with reason, he knows his strength. Blake's vocal was really good on this one and it was so heartfelt. Am I happy he chose this song? Not really, but I'm not going to complain because he did a pretty fabulous job on it. He was in tune and he wasn't dead. And guess what? He actually made me want to watch him, because he's got some life in him. He was moving and breathing and singing really well. He's not only an entertainer, people. He can sing!
Randy: "Great song and a very nice vocal."
Paula: "You sounded great"
Simon: "It was good, it was safe, it wasn’t as good as the first performance and I wouldn’t have chosen that song in the final because I don’t think it makes that much of an impact"
The judges are succumbing to her royal highness, Princess Jordin because they totally underpraised this song. Chris R. was practically in tears in the audience and that's all you had to say?!? This is the last chance you get to praise the guy. Oh wait, you're all on the payroll. Damn TPTB!!!

Jordin Sparks - "A Broken Wing" (Encore)
So she can sing, that's established. But did she entertain me? I think not. Her vocals were once again good on this one and I have to give her that, but that's it. I was bored to tears. And I honestly liked this one the first time around, so why am I not digging it now? Oh maybe because she didn't bring anything to it this time around. I felt nothing, except boredom really.
Randy: "think you’re the most talented 17 year old singer I’ve ever seen. That was flawless - I think it was better than the original"
Paula: "You are a great great vocal voice tonight"
Simon: "Now, that was good"
If I hear about Jordin's age ONE MORE TIME, I think I'm going to die. *Patty dies* This is crazy. Over pipmage once again. They should have just ended our misery right here and crowned her winner because we all know it's coming. Why let us hear the craptastic song when we can all go home and get on with our your lives (I have no life outside Idol).

ROUND 3: Craptastic Coronation Song that was written for Jordinieta ©

Blake Lewis - "This is My Now"
If you still don't think Idol was rigged for Jordin, then you must be living under a rock. This song was picked from thousands of songs? No shit. It's the best the producers could do? I don't claim to be a great songwriter, but I can point a bad song when I hear one and this... well, this isn't a great song.
Randy: "This isn’t the kind of song that really your voice but you did a pretty good job with it. It was alright, you don’t have to feel that bad about it."
Paula: "Even if it’s not the genre of music that you like or enjoy, I think you were in great voice."
Simon: "I thought was a little odd. How did you feel? - with all the jumping around in the middle. It’s not a bad song - it’s just not the type of song you would normally sing so I think we have to judge you tonight primarily on your first two performances"
What Simon?!? Did you just make this performance void? Then why bother to let him do it in the first place if the SONG WASN'T SUITED FOR HIM!?!? Choose another song and let him perform it. Because if you're judging him on two songs only, isn't that fucking unfair?!? Seriously, this is whack and they know it. There's no stopping the Jordin train now. I'm glad the other Idols are cheering for Blake though. At least we know who his friends are. Chris R., Chris S. and Phil were all jumping up and down for this guy. Hell, you all know I would.

Jordin Sparks - "This is My Now"
If she doesn't pull off a song that was written for her then she won't deserve the title that's been given to her already. Seriously. Jordin, I'm so disappointed. I was expecting you to really bring it on this one and well you didn't. That's why you brought on the tears and the cracking voice. I'm so pissed, obviously. Stand up and be a woman. Oh wait, she's only 17. Damn it! Did i mention it myself?!? Nooooooooo!!!!
Randy: "You were the best singer tonight. You deserve it all, baby."
Paula: "I see your parents and I see them singing along with you and I see the joy in their faces. You’re an angel"
Simon: "You just wiped the floor with Blake on that song"
Paula, if her parents didn't like it, then who would, right? Obviously they loved it. And Simon, that's just fucking rude. You don't say that to someone you've already put down. Not classy at all. And Randy, what exactly does she deserve? The cheering or the jeering? But really, Melinda's face does it all for me.

This is a screen cap of Melinda's face during Jordin's performance. No joke. Look at the faces of the Idols and for me, that sums it all. At least I know Blake's well-loved by his fellow contestants. If I were the producers, I would have let Melinda get onstage and grab the microphone (that she obviously deserves) because that's one bitch fight I wouldn't mind seeing.

I didn't bother ranking them anymore, because obviously, I'm rooting for Blake -- and my sense of judgment is obviously impaired. I know Jordin's going to win this thing, I was just hoping that they'd give Blake a fair fight and they obviously didn't and that's what really saddens me.

Poll #989935 Finale Song

Do you think "This is My Now" was written with Jordin in mind?


Who did "This Is My Now" better?

Blake Lewis
Jordin Sparks

Who do you WANT to win American Idol?

Blake Lewis
Jordin Sparks

Alas folks, that's all. The season ends tomorrow and I know who the confetti will be raining on. I'm still wishing Blake wins (for selfishly stupid reasons of seeing more of him and the EW cover of course). And honestly, though I saw it coming, i was hoping for a fair-er fight. Obviously, I didn't get that wish either.

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