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Voice Post: Kris Who?

513K 2:36
“Being the mall rats that we were, Pamy, Paola, Pio and I went to Trinoma yesterday to check out the new mall. But since it was so full during lunch time, we decided to cross the street and eat in the McDonalds along Mindanao? North Avenue? Somewhere there.

Anyways, after eating, I see this girl in the counter, who sort of looks like a celebrity. She was dressed in this white low-cut shirt. She had a white cap on and she had this sling bag and she was just really quiet, you know. Umm... trying to keep a low profile. So I was like, "My god! She must be a celebrity!" And I looked closer and it looked like, Starstruck First Princess, or something like that, Rich Asuncion!

Now how do I know her? We happen to watch that show every Sunday. So we're looking and I'm telling Pamy, "It looks like Rich." Or not. Anyway, it took us forever to figure out whether it was her. She was staying at the counter for quite some time too. Now we were wondering, it couldn't be her 'cause it's a Sunday and she should be on "S.O.P." Or maybe it just looks like her. Or where was her entourage?

But then there was this old man -- not really an old man, maybe a middle aged man who got the trays for her and carried them. And we were like, it could be her dad. And if it was her dad, why wasn't he the one paying? So it must be her because she's the one raking in the money?!

So anyway, we decided, you know, I was like, "Whatever, I'll just go up to her." So on our way out, I went up to her in the counter and I was like, "Excuse me?" And she looked at me and, wow! It really was her! And this girl was really skinny in real life. I mean, she looks like, she's like normal on TV, but she is such a skinny, skinny girl.

So I go, and she looks at me and her eyes have, like mascara and she's made up but she looks really pretty and she was like, and I was like, "You know what, I, umm, watched you on Starstruck!" And she was like, "Thank you, po." in this really nice, humble voice.

And then I was like, "Umm... and then we were like, I saw you from the counter and we're not sure if it was you." So I was rambling and she didn't have time to get a word in. And I was like, "And I really enjoyed your performance of 'One Night Only.'" Which she did during the finale. And she was like, "thank you po!" And she was about to get my hand and do that 'thank-you-for-your-support' thing. But you know, I was like, I don't know, not in a touchy-feel-y mode. So I just go, "Good luck!" And I left. And she looked kinda dumbfounded there at the counter.

And I was there as usual. I was more calm this time around, unlike my Jojo A. experience. So at least I made her day. And it was so cool about that, was that she's the one bringing her family to McDonalds on a Sunday. And it's so cool that even if she's an arti-artista, she's not ashamed to be seen there or whatever. It's like, she's still so humble and down-to-earth. And I was just really amazed. I guess I'm a little "starstruck," as usual -- no pun intended.”

Transcribed by: woodycakes
Tags: celebrity encounters, voice post
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