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12 of 12 in Baguio

Every summer, it's tradition for us to go up to Baguio. We've been up there so many times, I can't even count just how many times exactly I've been there. This summer wasn't any different. Except this time, my dad brought his new camera and we brought the old one. Twice the camwhorage fun.

Anyway, there's this new meme type thing that I found thanks to aprilbegins. It's called 12 of 12 where you take 12 pictures on the 12th of each month. There are a bunch of rules and I tried following them, but we all know I suck at rules. Since we went to Baguio from the 11th till the 14th, I thought I'd take advantage. Here are 12 of the hundreds of pictures we took on the 12th.

breakfast at littlejohns

9:46 AM - Little John's I love eating breakfast. It's probably my favorite type of meal. How can I not love it? I had beef tapa with garlic rice and eggs. Yum. It was also a heart attack for breakfast. I love oily food and that's not good, but breakfast was fabulous.

my weird jacket tying style

12:21 PM - SM Baguio This mall is so cool (no pun intended) because it's freaking open air. I know, you're thinking, what the hell?!? But it's so cold in Baguio, they didn't need to put air-conditioning in the place. Anyway, why the weird hoodie on my head? I was too lazy to carry my jacket, that I hung it on my head and tied the arms around my neck. Needless to say, I looked weird. But who cares, I don't know anyone from Baguio anyway.


1:28 PM - David's Tea House This picture isnt meant to gross you out. In fact, I wanted to say how smart these flies were. They didn't just zoom around above us, they dived in for the kill. This isn't my bowl of noodles either. Paola was having a hard time finishing her chicken noodle soup, that she was more than glad that the flies dove in.

seconds to spewing

1:32 PM - David's Tea House It may not be obvious, but I'm about to barf here. Seriously. I wasn't about to leave my chicken noodle soup to waste, so I decided I would finish the entire damn bowl. And boy, was it a lot of soup, noodles, and chicken. I thought I'd document my gastronomic achievement. After this shot was taken, I felt like puking. Hey, my smile doesn't show it.

poor pamy

1:33 PM - David's Tea House Pamy, on the other hand, couldn't finish her soup. Sure, she finished her noodles and the beef, but NOT the soup! I did! I did! I did! Watch me gloat!

with lisa loaf

2:18 PM - Lactum Nationwide Caravan Pamy and I saw this little promotional event happening for Lactum. It was targeted at kids obviously, but seeing the oh-so-adorable dancing mascots, Pamy and I knew we needed to get our pictures taken. So we march in -- we're the hugest kids there -- and line up to get our pictures. Lisa Loaf was probably more than surprised that I wanted my picture with her. She should be. I actually wanted to take my picture with Betty Banana but she left early.

i'm an indian, warrior, warrior

2:23 PM - Indian Exhibit There was an exhibit going on too at the mall and no one was going there, so Pamy and I decided to get yet another photo near the tepee. In fairness, I really felt like an Indian as I chanted my song from kinder: "I'm an Indian, warrior, warrior. Big Chief Indian warrior, warrior"

Little Miss Sunshine

3:20 PM - Mile Hi Inn Pamy was able to find a shirt in the children's section that fit her. I found one too. It said Little Miss Stubborn, but the shirt was too tight. Pamy ended up buying both designs and I'm still hoping she'll stretch out the other one for me so that I can wear it too. Back to matching outfits for both of us.

foggy weather

6:34 PM - Mile Hi The fog was crazy in Baguio! And the sun set later than usual. It was more beautiful in real life, but this was what we were able to capture on camera. I miss the cold weather and the fresh air. No wonder we love going to Baguio.


7:42 PM - Mile Hi Inn The boys and my parents shared a room while the girls shared a room. I wasn't even in the room when they took this. I was asleep in the next room. They're probably watching some funny tv show on cable. I wouldn't know, I was asleep.

dinner without me

8:56 PM - Filling Station I didn't wake up for dinner -- I was too tired perhaps -- so they head on to eat dinner in Hotshots I think. Obviously, my presence was missed. Or so I'd like to think. So this is how PB feels and to think I was actually there. I was just sleeping!

can't not internet

9:39 PM - Filling Station Our family cannot spend one weekend away from the Internet, obviously. There was a computer terminal that had free internet access. So I guess they didn't have ice cream for dessert. Internet was more like it.

Obviously, we took more than 12 pictures. We had two cameras remember? To see more pictures from the camwhore filled Baguio trip, move on to my multiply. And that's only a few of what's from my dad's camera. I still haven't uploaded the ones from our camera. Lovely.
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