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Nobody Puts Blake in a Corner

Another day down. I swear, the days are dwindling down like seconds. I'll wake up tomorrow and it'll be Wednesday already. I can only imagine the craziness surrounding Blake and Jordin these next few days. They're probably just a bundle of nerves right now.

I've been going through any Blake articles I might have missed these past few weeks and I've seen quite a few great ones that I passed up on. I love how the internet can be a goldmine for information. Funny how I only realized that now.

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Thanks to blackbird_fly for scanning the entire article

This article came out weeks ago, but it's never too late to have a little Blake loving, of course. I just have a few comments/complaints on the article. Nothing major.
  • Why does Blake NOT get his own page? Seriously, I think he totally deserves one. It'd be like a throwback to all those pin ups I had of various boyband members. Seriously. He should get an entire spread. Okay, maybe just one whole page.
  • Status: SINGLE? Oh Blake, why did I not read this little piece of information before? No wonder you've been living things up via Cake! Seriously, Cake is Bliss!
  • I haven't listened to Kickshaw yet, but I did download the album. I'm a little wary about listening to it, but it can't be that bad, right? I mean they did get recorded, so it must be worth something. I think I'll go take a listen in a bit.
  • Improv comedy? Blake, Blake, Blake... I don't know if this is really the path for you. You're fine sexing it up on my tv screen every week with your crazy renditions of songs that have never been heard on Idol. So, let's veer away from the comedy, alright?
  • Blake can sew clothes? Did I read that wrong? Because there is nothing hotter than a straight man who can sew his own clothes. I'm also fairly amused that he doesn't wear denim. I've never seen anyone so averted to denim that he's resorted to making his own pants. Whatever. I'd prefer him without the pants. Right, Pri?
  • Sexually frustrated? Really now! More like lazy, dude! He's happy now that the girls are approaching him. Beware, Blake. When I see you, talking will be the last thing on my mind, if you know what I mean.
  • Robin Thicke wouldn't clear it? Looks like you changed his mind. After that ghastly performance of Thicke on the Idol elimination show, I didn't think anyone could do that dude justice and you totally did. You made Pamy listen to his album. Pat yourself on the back. Seriously, you deserve it.
Poll #987598 Blake Post-Idol

Where do you think Blake would be most successful?

As the Idol winner?
As the Idol runner up?

When Blake makes an album, do you think he should collaborate with Chris R?

Yes: Cake would be so hot on a record!
No: That 'ship isn't for recording

As the remaining Idol hopefuls head to their hometowns this weekend, Blake Lewis made a somewhat surprising admission during an interview with a Seattle television station. "Jordin's my pick for Idol," Lewis told reporters while taking part in his homecoming festivities.

So, was the beat-boxer just playing humble? Or does he not believe he will win? Lewis declined to predict his own chances – saying, "It is what it is" – but according to the Seattle Times some of Lewis' friends have said they'd prefer if he didn't take the tile. Why? Simply, the creative freedom not being the American Idol affords. -- taken from People.Com
I was going through the posts on People and this was interesting to read. As much as I want Blake to bag the prize, I think he's already a winner for getting into the finale. I finally understand when Paula says: "you're all winners already!" Before, I was like, hell no! But right now, I'm really buying into that philosophy.

And not because the odds are favoring Jordin. I think it would really do Blake good to win second place because of the creative freedom he'll get (and we all know how crazy this guy can get when given the freedom!) Of course, I wouldn't be crying either if he won it. So really, I feel like a winner already.

I know I'm not the only one excited. Things are getting crazy at any Blake fansite right now. theblakergirls are pretty busy too. I can't blame them, the wait is just killing me. Can't it be Wednesday already?!?
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