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American Idol 6: Top 3 Elimination

Last night was the hardest to watch, not because the performances were horrible (in fact they were the opposite), but because I knew that no matter how things turned out today, people would be sorely disappointed and that was obviously true. I can say this year's top 3 was pretty damn competent. They wouldn't have gotten there if they didn't have the skill. And though I wasn't as attached to some contestants as I was to others, all 3 of them must want to win pretty badly.

Still, someone had to go again this week. Eliminations are never pretty -- but I can make an exception for this one. No, not because of the elimination itself but because Elliott Yamin is in the house. As if that wasn't enough, the producers decided to throw in Maroon 5 too. I think that was their ploy to keep us distracted from the impending kick out. I'm not complaining though.

American Idol 6 Predictions
Theme EW Dad Mom Pamy Patty Pio Ate Let Results
Diana Ross Haley Phil Haley Haley Haley Haley Phil Brandon
British Invasion Sanjaya Haley Gina Brandon Phil Sanjaya Chris R. Stephanie
Gwen Stefani Brandon Brandon Chris S. Jordin Gina Stephanie Brandon Chris S.
US Classics Phil Stephanie Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya Phil Sanjaya Gina
Latin Gina Jordin Jordin Phil Brandon Brandon Haley Haley
Country Chris R. Sanjaya Brandon Gina Jordin Jordin Gina Sanjaya
Inspirational Stephanie Gina Blake Stephanie Chris R. Chris S. Chris S. Phil
Bon Jovi Jordin Chris S. Phil Chris R. Stephanie Chris R. Jordin Chris R.
Beegees Chris S. Blake Stephanie Lakisha Chris S. Lakisha Lakisha Lakisha
3 Songs Blake Chris R. Chris R. Blake Blake Blake Melinda Melinda
Finale Lakisha Lakisha Lakisha Chris S. Lakisha Melinda Blake
Melinda Melinda Melinda Melinda Melinda Gina Stephanie

Poll #986241 American Idol 6: Top 3 Elimination

Do you think Melinda deserved to get the boot?

I Don't Care

Who would you have wanted to go instead?

Blake Lewis
Jordin Sparks

Who do you want to win American Idol?

Blake Lewis
Jordin Sparks

Who do you think will win American Idol?

Blake Lewis
Jordin Sparks
That kind of attitude stood in direct opposition to Melinda's magnanimous gesture of sharing the spotlight with her backup singers on ''I'm a Woman.'' I'm not going to pretend I haven't rolled my eyes a few times this season at Mindy Doo's ''who, me?'' attitude, but if the joy on the former background vocalist's face as she howled, ''Let's show 'em how it's done, girls!'' wasn't genuine, then Hollywood had better get ready for its next Idol turned Oscar winner. Perhaps it was Melinda's generosity, or maybe it's the fact that her previous ''Woman'' cover took place in the much smaller confines of the semifinal weeks, but I found her decision to double-dip a little more forgivable than Jordin's. -- taken from Sparks Will Fly
I know that Melinda's been called on for her "fake surprise" but she's been acting oh so classy ever since. She never called back at judges and never gave fake smiles, in fact, she was so freaking genuine in her attitutde, to a point where people saw it as fake. Last night, Melinda delievered not only a 1-2 punch, but a 1-2-3 punch combination. I thought she was unstoppable and even the sages at EW thought she had a safe spot in the final 2
And I'm not the only one playing favorites. Melinda got far and away the best of the ''producers' choice'' round with Tina Turner's ''Nutbush City Limits,'' which once again proved that Melinda's ''I'm sooo bad at rock'' hooey is merely a case of the woman protesting too much. Watching the divinely dressed diva stalk the stage, clutching the mike stand as convincingly as Daughtry or Bice ever did, I got the notion that Mindy's inner meek mouse was now roadkill on the shoulder of Highway No. 19. Considering that there's been so much talk of the contestants' potential ''marketability'' — and Melinda's alleged lack thereof — let me go on the record as saying I would pay good money for a rock & soul record from Miss Doolittle.-- taken from Sparks Will Fly
She was so natural as a rockstar, diva, ingenue that it was so entertaining to watch her take the stage every time with a different (but sane) hairstyle and outfit. She really has evolved the most (physically) and I guess it's because she was getting more comfortable in her skin. She was no longer Melinda the back-up singer; she was the star.
In fact, as long as she avoids bombast in the vein of Whitney Houston's ''I Believe in You and Me'' (yo yo yo, Randy, dawg, what were you thinking?), I'm thinking a Blake-Melinda finale could be the most nail-biting episode Idol has seen since the Ruben-Clay showdown of 2003. And in a season that's all too often been defined by the noncontenders like Sanjaya and Antonella, are there two better performers than Blake and Melinda to right the ship once and for all? -- taken from Sparks Will Fly
HOLY CRAP!?! Has EW committed their very first blunder ever? I can't believe it. Of course, I'll be honest, being a Blake fan, I was willing to sacrifice anyone to get him to the finale. I was just hoping it would have been Jordin and NOT Melinda. But I guess you really can't have it all. And for the first time EVER, the Idol we're rooting for makes it to the FINALE! Pat yourselves on the shoulders Yaminions-turned-BlakerGirls, we finally did something (actually, we didn't as we can't vote).

Melinda Doolittle - Eliminated May 16, 2007
From the moment she opened her mouth at auditions singing some Stevie Wonder, we knew this woman was going to make it far. And we weren't wrong. She breezed through Hollywood and all that crap. When the top 24 came around, she gave back to back to back superb performances with the spine tingling (Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You've Been Gone, the heart-wrenching My Funny Valentine, and the oh so empowering I Am Woman. The top 24 proved right away that she was on a league of her own. She was lightyears away from the REST of the competition. But the top 24 was too damn easy for her, so she got a little challenged with the Top 12.

Diana Ross Week, Melinda blows me away with her tearful rendition of Home. I don't even know this song and yet she totally moves me with it. Then she effortlessly takes on As Long As He Needs Me for British Invasion week and she's got even Lulu raving about her. Gwen Stefani is impressed, as am I with her disco number Heaven Knows, and I'm off my seat dancing with her. Taking a different route on Classics week, she does I Got Rhythm and impresses the hell out of Tony Bennett. This girl can take criticism well too. When Simon dissed her for being wooden on Latin Night's Sway, she didn't smirk or frown and instead came back with a "sassy yet classy" retort that got even Simon smiling. But could this soul singer do Country week? Of course she could. Martina McBride was blown away with her take on Trouble is A Woman. Obviously Melinda can do everything -- pitch perfect at that.

Though not my favorite, her song during Inspirational Week, There Will Come A Day had not a note out of tune. She sang it with emotion and it was obvious she was really feeling the song. After which she rose up to the challenge of taking on Rock Week with Jon Bon Jovi's Have A Nice Day and I knew she was going to win this thing -- if we could get Jordin out of the way of course. Beegees Week was just another day in the life of Melinda as she gave it her all on How Can you Mend A Broken Heart. The judges weren't as impressed though with her first try of Love You Inside Out, but that didn't stop Melinda. And she finally came full circle this week, singing I Believe In You And Me brilliantly, taking on Nutbush City Limits with no fear or doubt and ended things with where she began, singing I Am Woman.

I would say she was robbed of the finale, but it wasn't like this was the first time. Stephanie Edwards was robbed of a longer stay and so was Chris Sligh, and Phil Stacey. It just hurts more for Melinda because she was thisclose to winning the title and yet she had to go so soon. Melinda has been the most consistent performer -- albeit robotic at times -- she proved that she's got the vocal chops, the stage presence and the right attitude. When Melinda comes out with album, I will surely lap it up because this girl is nothing but talent. To say she a fucking-fabulous on Idol would be an understatement. She's destined for greater things.

It's official, I'm not going to get anything correct in my predictions this year. But then again, no one's got a chance of getting anything right next week either. Save for the genius, Ate Let-Let; she's the only one who got it right this week and she's the only one with a chance of getting one thing right next week. Still, I'm glad I didn't get it right this week. Seriously. KFC Garlic Chicken Steak, here we come!
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