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Leave Your Footprints

Just cause it's a long weekend and the only time this summer that we can get away from Manila, we're taking advantage. Who can guess where we're going? It starts with a B and ends with an O, it's supposed to be cold there and we go there at least twice a year?

It's hard to believe we're still not sick of that place. I guess it's just time away from the city (lots of TV, lots of computer and lots of malls). It's not like I can't get my hands on all of that over there, but I'll try to stay away. The keyword being try.

Goodbye technology (not to my iPod though) for a few days. The separation will do us a bit of good, I hope. That'll leave me with me more gossip to catch up on when I come back. I'm such a whore for the internet. Still, road trips are love -- I should be taking advantage, before the school year starts again. If only I could take Jake with me.
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