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American Idol 6: Top 4 Elimination

And yet another elimination show. These things can drag on forever, and not in a good way. Last night's performances were just okay -- definitely not Top 4 material. And listening to last year's performances in the top 4 (Elvis Week), I'm kind of disappointed.

Simon's right. The idols are supposed to be blowing us away at this point and yet last night, I wasn't blown away at all. I don't blame them though -- it's definitely difficult to bring it every week, but I think they owe it to their fans to keep the show as fabulous as possible. It had to be done though. Another one bites the dust.

American Idol 6 Predictions
Theme EW Dad Mom Pamy Patty Pio Ate Let Results
Diana Ross Haley Phil Haley Haley Haley Haley Phil Brandon
British Invasion Sanjaya Haley Gina Brandon Phil Sanjaya Chris R. Stephanie
Gwen Stefani Brandon Brandon Chris S. Jordin Gina Stephanie Brandon Chris S.
US Classics Phil Stephanie Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya Phil Sanjaya Gina
Latin Gina Jordin Jordin Phil Brandon Brandon Haley Haley
Country Chris R. Sanjaya Brandon Gina Jordin Jordin Gina Sanjaya
Inspirational Stephanie Gina Blake Stephanie Chris R. Chris S. Chris S. Phil
Bon Jovi Jordin Chris S. Phil Chris R. Stephanie Chris R. Jordin Chris R.
Beegees Chris S. Blake Stephanie Lakisha Chris S. Lakisha Lakisha Lakisha
Blake Chris R. Chris R. Blake Blake Blake Melinda
Lakisha Lakisha Lakisha Chris S. Lakisha Melinda Blake
Melinda Melinda Melinda Melinda Melinda Gina Stephanie

Poll #982001 American Idol 6: Top 4 Elimination

Did you think Lakisha deserved to get the boot?

I Don't Care

Who would you have wanted to go instead?

Blake Lewis
Jordin Sparks
Melinda Doolittle

Who do you want to get eliminated next?

Blake Lewis
Jordin Sparks
Melinda Doolittle

At this point, who do you want to win American Idol?

Blake Lewis
Jordin Sparks
Melinda Doolittle
It's pretty likely that LaKisha's Idol journey is about to end, not with a bang but with that cracked final note on ''Run to Me.'' To be completely realistic, she entered the final four on borrowed time — with her country-night and inspirations-week debacles still fresh in the public's mind — and it would've taken a showstopper on par with last week's ''This Ain't a Love Song'' to save her. And while ''Run to Me'' was more enjoyable than either of Blake's subpar efforts this week, its occasional rough spots and those moments of full-on yelling toward the end couldn't have inspired too many speed dialers.-- taken from A Barry Special Episode
I'm not complaining with their little prophecy because as long as they say Blake is safe, I can breathe. But how could they have been so sure. I wasn't sure. That's for sure. In fact, I was so unsure, I was practically kneeling in front of the computer begging that Blake wouldn't be the next to go as I refreshed the page for spoilers.

Lakisha Jones - Eliminated May 9, 2007
I'm not going to say I'm sad, because obviously I'm not. Although I would have wished Jordin got the boot (to eliminate Blake's competition), it really was Kiki's time to go. I have to say that though I had no emotional connection to Lakisha, she really is a class act. I didn't hate her or loathe her -- I just didn't connect with her at all. Still, that doesn't mean she isn't talented. Thing with Lakisha is she started off really strong with And I'm Telling you I'm Not Going. It was so strong, we predicted she'd make it to the top 2. Then she wowed us again with God Bless the Child. Then she had a string of performances that ranged from okay-to-great but none of them were there to blow me away. Then she came up with Stormy Weather and I thought Lakisha was back in the game, but then she gave another string of not-so-wow performances. Lakisha's made it far enough. Her voice is amazing though, so that'll definitely sound fabulous on a record.

Pamy, Pio and Ate Let all get their second correct answers for this season. And I still have nothing. At this rate though, looking at my bets, I really don't care if I don't get anything correct this season. In two weeks Idol will be over -- again. I swear, I don't know how I'm going to go on again without it.
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