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All the Time in the World

I've been re-watching Alias on DVD these past few weeks. I haven't watched since season 4, so I'm just re-watching it from the start just to make things more fresh in my mind. And every time I watch an old episode, I'm reminded of why I love/d this show so much. Of course, Jennifer Garner is such a huge part of that. But now that I'm re-watching it, I'm loving new stuff about it. I'm only in season 2, and yet I'm loving it all over again.

Being the spoiler hungry girl that I am, I'm not contented with having the DVD already, I just had to go online to read spoilers. And well, I'm fully satisfied. I can't help myself. I just have to see spoilers. I can't watch a show and not have spoilers. It's just in my nature. I can't take the fact that I'm watching a cliffhanger happen and not know what happens next. I suck that way.

I think Alias should be watched from the beginning though. That's the downside to it. It's hard to catch up with things if you catch it midway. Still, I guarantee hours of enjoyment if you do decide to watch. And hello, since it's over, the luxury of DVDs await. Anyway, here are a few reasons why I absolutely love Alias

1. It's so Impossible
The crazy things they do. The locations they go to. The technology. The bad guys. The secrets. It's so convoluted, that no matter how difficult to believe, I end up loving it because of this fact. Sydney is in ten different countries in one episode. She fights off evil bad guys that never seem to die. This show is full of impossibilities that have me asking for more.

2. Jack Bristow aka Papa Jack rocks my socks
I don't think I've loved Jack Bristow more than I do now. He's so sweet. Hands down my favorite character. It's so amazing how smart he is, and yet all he really wants is to protect his daughter. Seriously, this man does no wrong in my eyes. He can invoke the devil and I would still love this guy to bits. I have this rule when I watch: when in doubt (of allegiances or evil plans), just stick to Papa Jack. Because it doesn't matter how he fucks up, he'll always be right in the end. Go Papa Jack.

3. Will Tippin:Alias :: LJ Burrows: PrisonBreak
Will is hot. In fact, if Vaughn wasn't so impossibly in love with Sydney, I actually wanted Will to end up with Sydney. But that's not why I love him. He's like the LJ of Prisonbreak. That annoying character who just keeps digging himself a deeper grave. Now I know he's a journalist, and it's his job to pry, but dude, you're getting yourself killed. I love how his character looks better with each episode though.

4. Michael Vaughn is so damn hot
It's sad that he didn't end up with Jennifer Garner in real life, because it must have hurt to film all those lovey dovey scenes together after they broke up and she ended up carrying Ben Affleck's kid. Still, props to Michael Vartan for being the hottest CIA handler in history. I mean these two are obviously into each other and yet they don't do anything about it -- at least not until season 3. I really hope things look up for Michael Vartan because he is too hot to just waste away.

5. Irina Derevko is one hot bitch
You'd think I'd hate Sydney's evil mother for all that she did to Papa Jack, but really, this character was built to be ruthless. In season 2, she works her charms again on Papa Jack and I love how deviously evil this woman is. And she is hot too! No wonder Papa Jack -- all stoic and silent -- fell for her. Still, I'm always suspicious of this woman and in the end, I'll be on Papa Jack's side.

6. Weiss and Marshall are the best
The supporting characters are always so funny. Marshall is the most adorable tech guy in the world. I don't know how SD-6 would survive without him. That's why it broke my heart when he was tortured in season 2. Seriously. This guy is just the most adorable little geek. No one can harm my Marshall!!! Then there's Weiss. This guy obviously didn't get enough airtime. He's so adorable. Giving stupid love advice to Vaughn and just being an all around good guy, Weiss is too good to be in the CIA.

7. Sloane is one evil Teddy Bear
Again, despite how evil this man is, there's something eerily loveable about him. He's so soft-spoken -- even when giving out murder orders -- that Paola and I can't help but adore him. Sure, he kills everyone who gets in the way of his Rambaldi obsession, but you still see a quasi soft spot for the Bristows and his wife. Gotta love a bad guy with a little heart.

8. I would marry Sark
Probably the most beautiful villain to grace my television screen, Julian Sark is even prettier than Sydney. A bad guy through and through, this dude has no remorse, no regrets (except with Lauren) and no body hair. I don't usually go for blondes, but this evil dude may be the exception. The accent is an added bonus too. He should have had his own spin off. that would have been really hot.

9. Jennifer Garner makes me want to work out
Of course, the operative word being "wants." The things she does on this show that showcase her body is just amazing. I read in an interview that she'd wake up at 4am to run on her treadmill before going to work! Talk about dedication. This woman has sculpted her body to perfection and though I'm jealous, I don't think I'm about to get off the couch to work out. I think I'll laze around instead watching more Alias. But really, this woman's body has inspired me.

10. Their lives are never simple
Why can't anything be simple for these people? I mean they're already fighting for their country and they still get into all this drama? I do admit that I wanted to be a spy at the beginning of the series, but I just got so tired for them in the middle of season 1 that I would want them to sleep even for just a few episodes. These people need to rest too!!! But that would have made the show "boring." So if life in the CIA were really this "exciting," then good luck to all those patriots working for their country, 'cause I'm already tired and I'm only in season 2.

I was so obsessed with this show that in high school, when it was time for our prophecies (predictions on how we'd live our lives in the future -- that were read during the candlelight ceremony, I think), mine included a bit about Alias.
After her stint as Sydney Bristow's twin in "Alias," Patty will become the founder and editor-in-chief of a broadly circulated magazine, while spending her days off with hubby Jake Gyllenhaal
Now I wouldn't mind if this prophecy came true after all. Thanks to Fen-fenita for writing this one out. You know me so well. You're definitely invited to the wedding. But really, this show is so consuming, I'm forgetting that summer's nearly over. So really, I got to get ahead on watching before the school year consumes me once again. Alias DVD marathon anyone?
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