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Everybody needs help. Even Spider-Man.

Summer is all about summer movies and I guess Spiderman did a great job of starting it off for me. We don't usually watch movies on opening weekend because the movie houses are still so full, but I guess my dad's feet were really itching to go out, so we braved the crowds and ended up watching in Shangri-La. We usually watch in Rockwell, but since my dad was too tired to drive all the way there, we didn't mind watching in Shang.

Thing is with Shang, apparently, a lot of people watch there. Now, I have nothing against big crowds. It actually makes me feel good because that means the movie's doing good. But what I hate is when the crowds overstay inside the cinema. The showing before ours already finished and we were just waiting to get in (thank god people were civilized enough to form a queue). However, due to the women overstaying in the BATHROOM, we weren't let in!!! What the hell?!? People were already getting antsy. I was going to miss the trailers (my favorite part!)

I was really curious how gorgeous these women were, as they spent soooooooo much time in the bathroom. Finally, one of the cinema people, went in and told them to come out. You should have seen the people in line giving these people the dirty looks. Seriously. It's funny because I thought I was the only one anxious to get in. I guess they were just making the most of their ticket. Still. That was waaaaay too long.

Contrary to what everyone says, I LOVED THE MOVIE! Spiderman was fabulous. I loved the first one, the second one and yes, even this one too. Pietro said it was the best chick flick ever and I don't know if I've seen a chick flick with a lot of fight scenes, but I guess I get him. This movie is the perfect date movie because I got the satisfaction of romance (although still too little for me) and yet I also got the action sequences that truly left me dizzy.

Photo Taken from [Yahoo!Movies]

But really, the main event for me was James Franco! Could Harry Osborn get any hotter? Seriously. Thanks to Spidey's emo-evil look/intentions, I found myself drawn to Harry even more! And he can cook! And dance! And paint! And look hot!!! Of course, that all changed when Spidey freaking burned his face. But that's all good, I forgive you Peter. What I don't forgive is the fact that Harry got killed! What if there's a next Spidey movie, I'll just have to content myself with NO James Franco? Can't he do the ghost thing like his dad??? But really, this film has so many cute guys, Pamy and I were fully satisfied. It had James for me. Topher Grace for Pamy. And well, I guess Paola will be left with Tobey Maguire, who I feel was out-gwapo-ed by his co-stars thus the need to kill them off. How selfish of Spidey to keep all the attention on him. Oh wait, it is named Spiderman. But really, like the title said, everyone needed help and I think Spidey was lucky to have Harry come to his rescue, and what do they do to him in return? Kill him off?!? That's so not fair.

So yeah, I'd like there to be a fourth Spiderman, but I don't know how that'll be. Summer movies are rolling around. I can't wait for: Shrek the 3rd, Pirates 3, Oceans 13, and Harry Potter 5 (Fifth already!?!)! So many summer movies, so little time.
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