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Voice Post: Starstruck All The Way!

508K 2:25
“I get starstruck really really easily. Yesterday I was in Ever gotesco -- of all malls and we were in the ground floor near the bowling when we see this guy who sort of looks like Jojo Alejar from "Jojo A all the Way." Now Pamy and I don't even watch this show. We've caught like 1 or 2 episodes. But even with him I was so starstruck 'cause I think I used to watch him on "Dats Entertainment" or something. Anyway Pietro and Paola were in the store that Jojo A was in. And I kept mouthing to him that Jojo A was inside the store and Pietro couldn't read my lips so he had to go near me and I finally told him and Pietro went and did the subtle thing and went back and forth and finally saw him. Now here's the thing, I was mouthing towards Jojo A and I think he saw me so I hid and I was like so embarrassed that this guy saw me, mouthing to my brother that it was him at the counter. Anyway, on his way out, he talked to this guy and Pamy started daring us to go up to him and to tell him, "You look like Conan (O Brien)" or whatever. Now, I love Conan and although Jojo A does try to copy Conan, I think it's really, well, brave of him to do whatever it is that he does on TV. So anyway, he sees me and my sisters were all giggling like school girls. We're all so giddy for some reason that we see a quasi-celebrity, that we're just laughing and laughing and everybody's already looking at us. And we're not laughing in a mocking way, were actually laughing just because we can't believe we've seen a "celebrity." Anyway, we thought he'd exit -- apparently, he went our way and he was looking at us. And he had his wife and his son -- who was so cute, with a yaya. So i was just like, "Ok, you know what? Suck it up and just speak!" He was looking at us already. So I said, "We see you on TV!" -- in this really squeaky, high, fan-girl-ish voice and he was so, I guess he was flattered or something 'cause his smile was really big and really genuine and he waved and he said, "Thanks!" and all that and we couldnt stop giggling. Anyway, that's how obviously, unbelievably easy it is for me to get starstruck. Unlike April who's celebrating her birtday today. Happy Birthday April! You've had more celebrity -- real celebrity -- sightings than my entire life combined. Hope you have a fabulous birthday!”

Transcribed by: woodycakes
Tags: celebrity encounters, siblings, voice post
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