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Christina Aguilera

The Dirrty Diva
I wasn't the biggest Christina fan when she first came out because I was a Britney person, but now, I realize the error in my ways. She's a really great singer. Her voice is a hella lot better than Britney's for sure and her vocal range really blows me away.

She's got pipes of steel. I don't doubt why she's successful in what she does. The thing is, she didn't have to go the extreme way just to get herself noticed. She could have been a little milder with the dirrtiness. She looked so much better with her blond hair -- not the platinum one. Then she got all those piercings and the I-don't-shower-anymore-and-that's-what-makes-me-cool look just isn't working for me. Because last time I checked, Madonna took her baths and she's crazy popular -- she's immortal already as it is.

I love her songs and her albums are great. It wouldn't hurt if she took a bath every once in a while so that she wouldn't stink too much (not that I bothered to smell her). This girl reeks with talent, she shouldn't smell of anything else because success is a sweet, sweet smell.

**out of a possible five
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