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Far From Sainthood

It's Holy Week and I'm not really feeling it.

Other than the extreme heat (I can't blame Lent for that), I'm not really suffering much. I'm such a horrible Catholic. I should be fasting (it's not like I'm overeating), praying a lot (well, I did go to mass) and all that jazz. Instead, I'm updating my music library, watching DVDs and catching up on some reading. How un-holy can I get? It's such a big deal here, that the Philippines gets their own page on Wikipedia (or subpage, and yes wikipedia isn't exactly the most prestigious thing)

I'm supposed to go to confession and instead of preparing, I'm looking at internet gossip. I should be reading the bible and instead I'm re-reading Harry Potter book 1 (I'm so behind schedule). Basically, I'm on the path to hell.

Then there's this purple box that the church gives for donations to the scholars, and I still haven't put any money it. I have nothing against donating to the church, in fact, I feel like one of those old school pralyes who give a lot of money so that their many sins will be forgiven. If I follow that, then I'll have to shell out a fortune. Ack, I love Lent.

Anyway, I happen to read a lot of internet gossip. It's like a daily ritual. And they tend to cover everything. I happen to love looking at pictures of Celebrity babies. There's just something about them that makes me want to coo.

Photos from PopSugar

I don't even want babies, but there's something about Violet Affleck and Mommy Jennifer Garner that makes me want to paint my room pink. They look so adorable together (all the time). I love how Jennifer Garner is always with Violet (sans a nanny) and how she looks so normal, for lack of a better word.

Angelina Jolie always looks so put together, and I have nothing against it, I think she looks fab! Jennifer though, looks well, like an everyday mom who happened to have a TV show and really hot Hollywood husband.

She gives me hope that maybe one day, when I've buffed up and gotten 10 inches taller, Jake will fall in love with me and I will be seen in the tabloids walking our baby in the streets of Manhattan. Well that's something to pray about.
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