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Enjoying While It's Here

I've never felt this old.

On my first day of summer, I volunteered to look after my little sister as she went to a swimming party of one of her classmates. When I was younger, my parents wouldn't allow me to swimming parties alone (lest I brag about my "swimming skills" and drown myself), so I decided to accompany my little sister or she wouldn't be allowed.

I thought I could handle it. I mean, how long could these kids swim anyway? Apparently, they can swim for 5+ hours and not get tired. Paola made sure we got there at 1pm. We got there ahead of the owner of the house who was coming from school! After waiting around, her friends finally arrive and they swim 'till they're shriveled.

First reason I feel old because it felt like only yesterday when I was being accompanied to swimming parties. Now, I'm old enough (not neccesarily trustworthy enough) to look after my little sister. That really made me feel ancient. Second reason was these kids never get tired! I was just watching them for god knows how long and I was exhausted!!!

Yet another reason why I cannot have children. I was so tempted not to watch Paola and instead watch TV or read a magazine, because I was just bored out of my rocker. I have no maternal instincts whatsoever. I could have cared less if the other kiddies drowned. Of course I'd give a shit if it were my sister, but the others could have gone to the deep end.

And are children really that annoying. My little sister knows she can't go to the deep end, because she can't swim. She was being nice and obeying our little rule, but her friends kept forcing her to go with them. I just wanted to yell at them to leave her alone! Seriously. I messaged my dad telling him they were still swimming and that they didn't seem to lose any energy at all, and he said that I was like that too, before. As if.

first of summer

Since summer has already begun, I decided to start my annual ritual of cleaning out my room. It usually takes me three entire days to clean it, but yesterday, I surprised myself as it took me only 1 day! ONE DAY for my desk, my clothes drawer, my CDs, my center table, my bathroom, my shoe cabinet AND my closet! Wow!

Pamy said that I was ruthless when it came to cleaning out. I guess I don't have such an attachment to my things. The rule is, if I haven't used it in the year since I last cleaned out, it's time to go! Of course, I still have a ton of knick knacks and "memorabilla" from way back then, but I will let go of the, soon. I hope.

Unfortunately, only HALF the room is clean as Paola has to get around to actually cleaning her half out. Like that's ever going to happen.
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