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Hopefully the last of the Academic Babble

NOTE: With the amount of entries I devote to my fangirl-isms, I forget I'm a student. And that's not very funny, because though I'd love to be a professional fangirl, my parents actually fund this thing called education which is supposedly vital. So let's go do an entry related to my actual job description which is being a student.

I'm so near yet so far.

With only two requirements left: Anthro 10 long test and MP 179 Final script, I somehow can't get things done. I've "studied" for Anthro, but I don't feel like it's enough. I like Anthro, but my prof's tests are kind of tough and I need to ace this one to get a decent grade. The funny thing is, I was duped into getting this subject. Lee and Mindy took Anthro 10 in freshman year and they told me they got to watch this very weird porn movie. Now I'm no sexual deviant, but I really wanted to watch this "art film." Unlucky for me, there was no porn in my class. Instead I watch Crash, which I've already seen. So much for getting me some porn.

MP 179 is a whole different story (no pun intended) as I need to create an entire film script in Filipino. I have the cheesiest, corniest, teeny bopper plot ever and my extensive knowledge of rom-coms should help me, but the fact that it's going to be in Filipino is no joke. I suck at writing in Filipino. I can converse (although I code-switch a lot), but writing is not my cup of tea. I have less than two days to comlpete my 111 sequence script. I even downloaded this cool script formatting program for Linux, that allows you to export your script into PDF and uses Courier New 12 point, thus giving your script the "real script" effect. But I can't use it because Sir has his own format. Lovely.

In other less academic news, Boom told me that I got a 2.25 for PE, and the sad part is I'm really happy about that. After all those weeks of torture, I'm just glad I can still walk and that I passed. Thank goodness PE isn't included in the average because I don't need another subject to bring me down. I have a feeling this semester is going to give me the most depressing set of grades and I'm not exaggerating either.

In two days I will officially be on summer. And two weeks after that, I'll be in summer school, so really I get no break. I can't wait.
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