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Voice Post: Lazy Yet Giddy

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“I'm practically on the edge of the school year and entering summer if it weren't for my Anthro 10 exam on Wednesday and for the MP 179 full length, film script in Filipino that's due on Thursday. I'm nowhere near done on both requirements and I just can't wait to get it over with so that I can finally enjoy vacation which will last 2 weeks because I am entering summer class on the 16th. But really I'm so lazy and tired right now that I can't even do a decent update when there's so much to update about. Last night, Pamy and I went to the Philippine Idol Final 12 concert in Araneta and it was beyond superb. It wasn't just the concert itself but what happened after the concert. Pamy and I were able to go back-freaking-stage thanks to fairy-god-sisters Bean and Muppet. It was surreal being inside the boys dressing room while the boys were changing. Well, we didn't see much but it was definitely something to rememeber. I'll post pictures tomorrow with my commentary. But really, I'm still reeling from the moment. I can't wait to get summer up and starting.”

Transcribed by: woodycakes
Tags: college sophomore, philippine idol, voice post
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