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It All Balances Out

BC 101 has been a rollercoaster ride that was totally unexpected. I was reading back and it seems like yesterday, that the semester began. I was just writing about subjects and now I've lived through them. Sort of.

Yesterday, we had our FINAL production for BC 101 which was a group thing (which I hated at first, but eventually loved). We had to do a 1 hour drama. So we split it up to three sections: a romantic comedy, a drama and a horror/fantasy. I have to say the even before we performed, I knew our scripts were solid good. We split up into three teams to write the scripts and they were brilliant. So really, if we bombed our performances, we had our stories to fall back on.

With only 1 practice (I know that others don't even get a practice, but Ma'am Jane was so fabulous to give us almost a month break to practice) inside the radio studio, we were practically winging it. Still, our class was so solid going into it, that we weren't going to blame each other for shit that would go down.

Needless to say, our production was not perfect. Far from it. We had miscued advertisements, pre-empted SFX, anything that could go wrong -- did. But we were happy. We were proud. And really, we were on the freaking nose. 1 hour flat.

So really, it came as a pleasant shock when Ma'am said we deserved a 1.0. I'm not complaining because the preparation we did for this was crazy and fun. Eating popcorn at my place, watching porn-ish karaoke videos at Nelson's, and just plain old going through the entire semester together. I'm definitely going to miss this class.

bye bye bc 101

Still, things can't be so perfect. I got my Comm 140 final grade right after my BC class and well, it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. No, I wasn't expecting an uno. I knew I was far from that. But it just hurt that I'm 0.05 away from the next higher score. Not even 1 point away, but 1/20th of a point away. Lovely. And it's not like I didn't study.

Our class works on a ranking system, so it doesn't matter that I'm ranked 6th in class, because my points still call for a not so great grade. I know I should be thankful for my grade, but I know I could have better. It sucks more, because today, when I saw my professor (who is just the best lolo prof ever, I couldn't bring myself to grovel for a better grade. I had no corrections in anything. My attendance was perfect. There was nothing to increase for my recitation grade.

All my other classmates had corrections, things to bring up. If only I had kept just ONE question blank, I would have made it to the next grade. Me and my stupid habit of not leaving ANYTHING blank. So I guess I'll just have to content myself with my grade. There's really nothing I can do.

Before I left, my prof asked me how Pamy was doing. He was her prof in Comm 100 and she got the coveted uno. I told him she was fine and she was working in Makati blah blah. I so wanted to beg for a better grade, but that would have been so pathetic of me.

So there, I must live with my grade and know that I should have studied harder. I should have taken my relationship with Stephen Littlejohn to the next level. If I was sleeping with him only twice a week; I should have slept with him EVERY NIGHT. If I only spent a couple of hours of "quality time" with Stephen; I should have spent ALL my time with him. So really, I suck at relationships, and Comm 140 is a testament to that.

So to Stephen, I'm so sorry I neglected you this semester. I know you deserved much more from me. Though our relationship is over, I will always cherish our late night conversations, our mid-day chats, our early morning rendezvous and what a wonderful pillow you were in bed. I don't think I've ever had such a meaningful relationship with a man.

So really, my sem is almost over. If not for the 3 GE final exams, and one MP FULL LENGTH SCRIPT I have to submit, I'm practically in summer mode. Yeah right
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