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Not Quite Over

The school year's about to end. I've got two weeks left and it's all a bunch of exams rolled into two weeks of stress. This year has been so extraordinarily great. Still, I think that this semester wouldn't be the same if it weren't for my BC 101 class. At the beginning, I was so disappointed that I wasn't in the other class. I was terrified to be in my class.

But as I started going to class, I realized how much I actually loved my class. All my classmates just brought something new to the class and I like to believe we all feed of each other's craziness. To Marian, Sandy, Mara, Hazel, Nelson, Claire, James G, James P, Andrew, Alfie, Ate Gly, Jaijet, Luis, Loren, and Mae: I wouldn't have my BC101 class any other way.

BC 101 is LOOOOOOVE!!!

Here's to our finals. Our trilogies rock the socks off me. From Three's a Crowd, Charot to Dalampasigan and Sumpa ng Singsing, I totally enjoyed making them together. We're going to pull this off.

I'm finally done with Part 1 of my PE Exam. Yes, Running for Fitness is 1/2 over. I had to run the academic oval three times in under 41 minutes if I wanted to get a 1.0. Obviously, I can't run that fast. I was tired from Studying for Comm 140 and I was just exhausted. It didn't help that my running partner/inspiration/IronWoman, Boom injured herself on her first round and couldn't run. I was so distraught. This girl was the one that kept me going and now she was crying from the pain.

I knew I would come in last. And when I got to the Main Lib, our usual cheat spot, I told myself I wasn't going to cheat. Not during exams. I ran the ENTIRE acad oval and made it back last. I came in with a time of 47 minutes. That means I get a 2.75. So not bad, considering my legs, arms, stomach, chest, head and any other part I haven't mentioned hurt. Boom got her ankle patched up and her dad picked her up. I really hope she heals because this girl has never been absent. Maam better not flunk her. I will hold a protest if she does.

We had our last quiz in Comm 140 yesterday and that was so sad too. Not only because it was horribly hard, but because Sir Varona announced that it was his last EVER class in UP. How freaking sad is that? This guy has been in UP since the 1900s!!! But seriously, he's not that old, but because UP is cutting down on faculty and so they're letting him go. This almost made me cry! Sir's tests are tough, but I'm learning. I love his class. Only two professors have made an impact on me so far in my college life: Sir Pilapil in Pol Sci 14 and Sir Varona for Comm 140. After the test, I couldn't help it, I just started bawling. I'm such a freak.

On a totally Idol-connected thing, I'm so addicted to GASP Chris Richardson's extended version of The Boss. Seriously. I can't believe It's been on repeat since forever. I can't wait for class to be over so I can fully devote myself to this crazy fandom.

According to Wikipedia, it's already British Invasion theme next week. I think Chris R should sing Rock DJ by Robbie Williams and Blake should sing some Craig David so that he can go beatbox again. Love it. Chris Sligh will probably sing some Coldplay, but really it's anyone's guess. Can I wait for next Wednesday? Not really.
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