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Power of Two

To my favorite partner in crime/ fan girl stalker/ number 1 cheerleader/ ultimate fan/ mega pimp/ non-twin sister/ weirdo co-actor/ Princess Tanta creator/ office worker/ star employee/ SCL/ "ate"/ new york partner/ camwhore buddy/ uto-utong model/ Philippine idol finalist to be/ blog visitor/ maid of honor to be/ gerry butler competitor/ jamie cullum's real girlfriend/ brad mehldau's only fan in manila/ dirty person/ stupid card games that include boys from church victim/ only person to cry thank to Bjork's swan dress/ baduy anything memorizer/ easiest person to predict who she'll crush on next...

happy birthday pamy

I can obviously name 10000 more things love about you
and i think 20 years with you has proven that
you make me so very happy
here's to 24000 more memories together
despite my bitchiness
you know I love you
Pamy is LOVE
Tags: birthday, siblings
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