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The Countdown to Summer Begins

I can't relax. I must work. I've been so lazy that I haven't been paying attention to school work and I haven't done half of what I'm supposed to do. When I finally accomplish all

1. BC 101 Finals: Group project. 1 hour drama. I'll be a talent, a TD and SFX person. This is going to be tough to pull off and practice will be even more difficult. I really have to do well here.
2. Bio 1 Report: I'm not too sure how much I can say about the oil crisis in connection to my course, but I have to fill up a good 3 minutes of speaking on this. I hate speaking in front of class. Great.
3. Bio 1 Exam: Well the first one didn't go so well. I was thisclose to flunking -- real flunking. I must bring up my grade here to get a decent grade. Rawr.
4. PE Finals Part 1: Running 3 times around the academic oval in under 30 minutes? Seriously? I might just kill over and die when I reach Vinzons. I can't believe this is only part 1
5. PE Finals Part 2: Running from UP to god knows where. I think its Marikina -- just to make sure we're dead by the end, just in case, part 1 of the test didn't kill us already.
6. Comm 140 Quiz 4: The final chapter of the book and somehow nothing's going in. I must start reading. This minute. My time with Stephen is dwindling down. Somehow, I'm not sad to be letting him go.
7. Art Stud 2 Report: I was supposed to make sure that the UP Chapel was okay with our class using it for discussion, I immediately assumed that they were cool with it (considering they were a church), but apparently, they wanted a LETTER. A letter I hadn't made. Thank god my professor was available, and despite the suspense of not knowing if they'd allow me, the priest allowed it and now I'm just supposed to submit my report to them. Wonderful.
8. Art Stud 2 Exam: I haven't been paying too much attention to the reports so I'm basically screwed. I have to fix my room so I can find the handouts that were given. Seriously. I'm screwed.
9. Anthro 10 Report: Thank god for great groupmates. Sends work on time. Sends quality work. Just plain cooperative. I'm wondering where I'll be cursed because I've been given such great groupmates in this subject.
10. Anthro 10 Test: Well, the reports haven't made much sense to me, so again, I'm in deep shit. I must get ahold of all those readings. Thick readings. Long readings. Can't wait to read those readings. Not.
11. Anthro 10 Finals: I'm not even sure if I have finals in this subject, but I'm listing it down just in case it's real. And with my luck, it'll be. And I won't be prepared.
12. MP 179 Sequence Treatment: Well, sir hasn't approved my second revision, so how am I supposed to move on from here? I promise to work harder though. No more slacking. I hope.
13. MP 179 Final Script: Again, look at the one before this. I can't submit a script without a Sequence treatment. Can sir please approve it?

I can move on with my life and enter that wonderful period of a student's life called summer. Did I mention that we're supposed to be ending in two weeks? So how the hell am I supposed to finish all these by that time?

I wanna give a huge hug to Ana who I hadn't seen in forever. I promise that next time I will stay awake when we watch Iginuhit Ng Tadhana. Life hasn't been that bad though. I had a hella great time with 300 men last night

Movies.Com says it best.
The Basics: Spartans, after a long day at the gym blasting protein and Creatine shakes to make themselves hugely muscled and eight-packed to outer space and back, enjoy nothing more than waxing their chests and backs, oiling up their pecs, lats, triceps, biceps, quads and glutes, then stripping down to loincloths and capes and chopping off the heads of their enemies.
300 men and I only want one. Gerard Butler has never looked so hot. After little research, this 37 year old Scot is apparently SINGLE. That would make us only 17 years apart. Let's go!

But really, this movie was amazing. Done entirely in front of a green screen, the action scenes were so bearable (for those who can't stomach lots of blood). It was so beautiful to watch. Each scene was just so pretty to look at. Lots of boobies for the guys; 300 men in nothing but leather briefs for the girls and gays. The cinema was packed -- and I'm not surprised why.

Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes was a HUGE waste too. He could have played one of the 300 other Spartans. Half naked, angry and yelling all the time -- how perfect! Seriously. With his face and body, why oh why did he have to play Xerxes?!? I'm so beyond baffled.

CanMag sums it up for me: "Gerard Butler’s portrayal of Leonidas will have you thinking that he would eat Gladiator’s Maximus, for lunch."
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