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Nick Cannon

Triple Threat
Triple Threat? Well, I don't really know what the crap that means, but if it means he's three times hot then I definitely beg to differ. Nick Cannon is not my cup of tea. In fact, I don't know how to classify him.

He's funny, for sure. The Nick Cannon Show on Nickolodeon really got me laughing. I like the cafeteria food episode, but other than that, I'm kind of neutral as to what I think of him. I don't hate him and I don't like him either. I hate being neutral, but unfortunately, that's all I can really be when it comes to this guy. He's just not someone I bother to think about.

I've established something though. If I were the editors at Teen People he wouldn't be on the list, for sure.

**out of a possible five
Tags: 25 hottest stars under 25
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