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PB is 19!

There was this time when we were kids, that I thought you were the coolest thing on earth. I really hoped we would be twins, like Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, except we weren't both girls. Then, puberty hit and you stole my filo (and discovered that I had a CRUSH on Leonardo DiCaprio! *gasp*) and I totally started hating you.

We fought so often, it wasn't even funny. Then you got accepted to Singapore and I realized that I had wasted so much time not liking you, and you would be leaving. So naturally, I tried reconnecting with you and hoping that we would still be close despite the obvious distance.

PB is finally 19!

I think we've returned to the state we were in when we were really young, and I once again think you're the the most awesome non-twin brother ever. I hope that everything goes how you wish it to be, because you deserve the best. And I'm sure you know it. Love you ♥
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