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Anne Hathaway

The Princess Next Door
Anne is definitely in my list. I just feel her. Sure, the character, Mia from the book, Princess Diaries didn't exactly describe her, but despite the physical inconsistencies, she fit the part just right.

Anne not only has a pretty face, but enough talent to go with it. I'm not saying she deserves to win an Oscar or anything along the lines of award winning, but she's definitely someone who is very likeable. With her charm and her niceness, how can you not even get drawn to her?

The fact that she isn't a waif-ish model is a big plus for me too. I think that it's really healthy of her to not starve herself just because the Hollywood body type says you have to be a size zero. She's not a self-proclaimed role model and that's an even better thing, because she doesn't claim to be something she's not.

The thing I like most about her is how her stunning good looks don't get to her head. Her dad always told her that it was intelligence over beauty and I totally agree with her there. Of course, it didn't hurt for her since she's practically both.

I definitely want to be like her and it wouldn't hurt if I were a princess too. She really fits the princess role and I wish I could play one too. She makes me see that a normal girl really can turn into a full fledged princess.

Now all I have to do is look for my fairy godmother to transform me into that beautiful swan. She's definitely hot though. She's all that.

**out of a possible five
Tags: 25 hottest stars under 25, anne hathaway
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