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Patty Was A Pervy Kid

Our priest told us that instead of giving up something this Lent, we should try taking up something. He meant reading the bible, regularly. Now I know I haven't exactly been a model Catholic and I don't think I ever will be, but I might actually give this a try.

This sparked a funny memory from when I was a kid though. I used to read those Gospel comics that we had around the house and for some reason, I was a HUGE perv even back then. I remember that I always read the story of David. I know the basic story, but the real reason I kept reading that was because there was this one frame in the comic that showed Batsheba's naked back, coming out of a swimming pool type, and David looking lustily at her.

Now, I was a kid, and yet I knew something wrong was happening there. And instead of putting the stupid comic down, I actually kept on going back to that part. I was obviously a very pervy kid.

new haircut

I had my hair cut short today. After mass, mom asked me if I wanted a haircut. I took that as a cue that I wasn't looking like a human anymore. Since I've had "long" hair since a year ago, I decided to chop it off again. Hell, it's not like it won't grow back, right?

Comm 140 stinks, BC 101 is making me very very very very nervous, MP 179 is getting even more demanding. Oh and I still have GE subjects -- that demand just as much attention. I love school

Happy 20th Birthday Kim!!!
Hoope you have a great year ahead!
Can't wait till you come back for another visit.
Much love ♥
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