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Blast from the Past

And yet another week comes around. Seriously, the end of February is coming up and that means March is already right around the corner. And that would be two months gone from the year 2007. How fast can time fly by anyway?

BC 101 was fun. I was the TD ng bayan (TD of the town) as I probably became the TD for 5 out of 8 productions. I was also a talent for Claire's ByeByePooPoo Anti-LBM tablet soft sell advertisement. I was really nervous because we hadn't practiced our timing too much and I had to say the closing lines. I guess I did okay, definitely not my best and I feel bad that I wasn't able to give Claire my all.

James, ATE Glai, Mae, and Andrew were the resident talents. We even had two advertisements for light bulbs and lots of toilet related commercials. I'm so nervous for next week. I only have a concept for the ad (thanks to Jeannie) but that's about it and I really need to practice it. Here's to getting through this week as I have yet another Comm 140 quiz this Friday. Great.

Today was an excruciatingly HOT day. Apparently, it was a high of 31°C. Seriously, how hot will this summer get? I really don't want to know. I was already in shorts and a light colored (orange) shirt and I was sweating like a pig. Not a great visual.

On my way to my Bio 1 class, I pass the Main Library and out of the corner of my eye, I see Miss Penalosa! As in Miss Penalosa from gradeschool. It was a little weird seeing her because I hadn't seen her in forever, and everytime I'd see her when I was in highschool, she'd always tell me I had gained weight. Not good memories.

Anyway, I found out she was there for her masters and we did the usual small talk. It's funny because when she first saw me, she called me: Pam (who had also been her student before me). Until now, she gets my name wrong. What a blast from the past! I guess it's pretty cool to see faces from gradeschool, as long as I don't see them too often (like being classmates with them). But that won't happen because she's in her masterals.

It's election season again. And not just in the country, but in my college. It's weird because last year, I didn't know too many people running. But this year, not only do I know (and am really good friends with those running), but there are going to be TWO PARTIES running for office. This is definitely going to be a great election season. Best of luck to both parties.

Shawarma Rice For PB

I promised my siblings (Pietro, Pio and Paola) shawarma rice last week because I knew Babba Shawarma would be around. However, it didn't happen last week. Today, when I got out of Bio, I see the shawarma stand outside Kamia Hall.

And PB, since you aren't here, you'll have to settle for virtual shawarma rice. I promise when you come back, I'll buy you as many as your stomach can take.
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