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The Worst Paparazzo Ever

After Philippine Idol, I hadn't been able to watch Gian Magdangal live. Sure, he's been everywhere (S.O.P., with Lea Salonga in concert, and different places) but somehow, I just haven't gotten around to watching him live. Unlike me, Pamy has watched Reymond Sajor so many times, it's not even funny.

I was so excited to hear from Nic that they were able to get Gian for the UP Fair. I had already blocked off that day and promised Nic and myself that I would go and watch Gian live. Unfortunately, thanks to MP 179 and the wonderful Sequence Treatment I had to yet finish, I wasn't able to sleep at all Thursday morning.

I had to pick up Paola from a friend's house after my 4pm class and I even had an org meeting. Basically by 6pm, I was so tired and just ready to sleep. When I got home that evening, I was seriously considering NOT watching Gian. But then Pamy called and told me she'd come with me to watch Gian. It was like going to Megamall all over again.

The fan-girl in me got the best of me. After watching the Hollywood Round of American Idol, I picked Pamy up at the Quezon Avenue MRT station and headed straight to UP.

I wasn't even into the rest of the bands. But when DictaLicense started playing, Pamy and I started paying attention. I stayed with my orgmates (who had laid out a mat) and things were still a little calm.

At around 11pm, Rivermaya played. I was scared because Rivermaya was already the BIG band and people might leave after. Rivermaya was the first band that really got me jumping up and down. I have to give Rico Blanco props for looking really good and getting the crowd worked up. I never knew that Rivermaya had really really good looking members.

Itchyworms played right after. They had a really good set too. I never knew their songs were so long though. Needless to say it was already 11:30 and I had a 7am class the next day so I was about to leave. Gian hadn't performed yet, but from what I knew, Kjwan was up next and I really was tired.

That's when the hosts said: "Mga girls, nandito na ang hinihintay niyo!" (Girls, the one you've been waiting for, is here</i>) I thought it was Marc Abaya from Kjwan as the crowd was a little rock-ish. But my jaw dropped when they introduce Gian and I seriously froze. It was a good thing I was able to take out my camera and get a two really bad pictures and got his performance on video. I was shaking the entire time and I my camera died right before the last note, so the video doesn't have the last note.

Gian was so good. People were singing along the entire time. It's funny kasi Rivermaya just played and I thought it was really gutsy of him to perform that song. Still, Gian held his own ground. My friends even said he sounded better than when he was in Idol. I have to agree with them. Gian sounded really really good. Pitch perfect and he was able to use the stage well.

He looked really good too in his brown polo. I heard someone say, "Ang guwapo naman nito." (This guy's so handsome) I laughed and wanted to yell back, "ngayon niyo lang nalaman?" (you just found out now?)

Pamy was determined to get me in backstage to meet Gian, but the "guards" were so strict that I didn't even bother. I would have loved to see him again, but my sleepiness had gotten the best of me. Still, for those few minutes that Gian performed, I was fully awake.

I even heard Kimbe say: "Natutunaw na si Patty." (Patty is melting) And Kimbe was right. I seriously melted.

I'm glad I went to my first UP fair (as a UP student) and how great is it that I went when Gian performed? I want to congratulate Nic and her entire sorority for a fabulous job with the concert. I don't know about the other nights, but this one was a success. It was packed with people who I'm sure had so much fun. And hey, Gian Magdangal was there, so I really can't complain.

Blurry Gian at the UP Fair
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