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Back in highschool, we wore a pin on Valentines Day that read T.I.I.S proudly on our yellow checkered uniforms. Although I wouldn't curse about being single, at that time, it was fun to wear it as a class. Of course, those with boyfriends, weren't allowed to wear it.

I'm glad my Pio was born on Valentines Day. Because thanks to the distraction of his birthday, I never have to really think about the pin-wearing during Valentines. There's no time for bitterness because I'm thinking of how to make someone else happy.

T.I.I.S. I used to wish that my crush would greet me on Valentines or possibly give me flowers, but I've long since given up (especially when 3 days before Valentines, they wouldn't greet me on my birthday). But believe me, it's not out of bitterness, but out of the realization that I can't leave it up to someone else's greeting or gift to make me happy.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I don't wish for these affections one day. I'm still normal and I still do look forward to it. But as for now, that I'm "single," I shall make tiis (endure) the so called loneliness that this holiday has brought upon those who are "unfortunate" enough not to have that special someone.

I'd like to think single folk have it better. There isn't just one special someone out there for me -- there's more than one and I should feel pretty darn good about that. No pressure of being sweet or more loving on V-Day and instead, I can just feast on chocolates that I could have bought myself, without the worrying that I bought the chocolates without nuts (for whomever), because they're allergic or whatever.

So yes, I still do want to experience at least one V-Day with just one special someone. But for now, I'll celebrate the day of hearts with the only boy who can sing Justin's My Love with me -- complete with T.I.'s rap -- completely out of tune.

Pio is 14

Happy 14th Birthday Pio!!!
Don't grow up too fast
You're still my favorite younger brother
slash Aquarian partner
I ♥ You
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