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Sure What?

Mondays usually stink for me. I hate how my weekend always seems too freaking short. I went to school for Bio 1 and Bio 1 alone. Not exactly enticing. This was our free cut from BC 101 and I was so happy it fell the day after my birthday. Still, without my car, I had to bring three yellow "ballot-box"-esque boxes to school and I wasn't really in the mood. But when I got to the org's tambayan, this was there waiting for me.

happy birthday patticakes!

Thanks so much Con and Kimbe for setting this entire thing up. By the time, I got home, I only had ONE balloon left. Three popped, and I gave two away to these little kids that were following me around (in a non-stalker way). I really really appreciate this. ♥

In other news, while Justin Timberlake is out there winning Grammy awards and looking hot on the stage, fellow former *NSync-er, Chris Kirkpatrick is I guess planning a little comeback with new boyband, Sureshot, which is really made up of former boyband members.

I was an *N Sync fan, and though Chris didn't top my list, I liked him by default, because he was a member. Rich Cronin was always the cutest member of LFO for me and I have to say that I thought Jeff Timmons was the cutest 98 Degrees dude. I can't say much for Bryan Abrams of Color me Badd because I don't think I was even old enough to listen to them when they were around. But that's not my point. I really don't know why VH1 is doing this. Isn't there a reason why their bands are no longer out there? Do they really think a combination of ex-band members is going to do the trick?

Hopefully, I'll be wrong and this will become an instant hit and just beat American Idol and all that jazz. Hey, I could be wrong. But then I read this, and I might be right after all.
VH1 is scheduled to air a new reality series, Band of Men, that will follow four ex-boybanders, all living in the same house for a month, as they create a new act - Sureshot. The singers will include Chris Kirkpatrick of N' Sync, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees, Rich Cronin of LFO and Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd.
-- taken from IDLYITW
Now I don't know if this is going to work out, but I guess the gods that be in VH1 had to have a say in this. I'm a little confused as to what kind of music they're going to play, but really, how is this going to work?
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