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Hello 20

Let's just say, there aren't many words to describe how thankful I am for this day. Not only because of the gifts or the greetings, but the people behind these well wishes and presents. When I'm feeling shitty and lonely, all I have to do is remember that somewhere out there, are people who love me and care for me. And knowing this, will make things better for me, because I know that really I'm never alone in anything.

Patty is 20

I started off today with mass at the UP chapel. Pamy had wanted to go to mass there because her Reymond Sajor and Drae and Arms were singing in the mass. I have to say that the mass was pretty cool because there was dancing and singing and a really nice homily from Fr. JBoy. Save for the cheesy renewal of vows at the end, I really liked the mass.

Since I'm always in Rockwell, I decided to spend my birthday elsewhere and what better place to do that than in SM Mall of Asia. I swear I'm obsessed with this mall. The number of shops is just so plenty that you won't run out of places to go. Although Mommy, Paola and I knew exactly where we wanted to go, so we didn't waste much time.

It got a little tiring, but it was fun nevertheless. I'm not really one to shop. In fact, I'm a self-confessed non-shopper (as I get depressed when I don't fit into things), but today I guess the birthday spirit took over and I did my share of shopping. Of course, this came with the requisite guilt afterwards.

I always seem to feel guilty when I spend money. Not that I'm into donating or doing good, but I just feel terrible that I spend on things I don't really need and others can't eat or whatever. Anyway, when the rest of the family finally arrived, we had dinner at Tanabe. Japanese food is my weakness and though the number of restaurants in MoA is daunting, I knew I could narrow it down to the Japanese cuisine.

Happy 20th birthday to me

Thanks to everyone who greeted me through phone calls, text messages, Y!Messenger, LJ comments, LJ Entries, Emails and whatnot. I really truly super appreciate it all. Greetings are love and so are you guys. It wouldn't have bee the same without you.

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