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Voice Post: Good Bye 19

264K 1:16
“Well, it's just a few more minutes to midnight, and that means it's my last few minutes of being a 19 year old. Goodbye 19 year old Patty; hello 20 year old self. Umm... excited, yes. I hope I don't turn out like Brooke on her 18th birthday. I'm so addicted to One Tree Hill right now that I'm just grasping at any episode I can watch. I really hope I have a better birthday than Brooke, and I think I will. I mean, she had nobody with her with her, and I doubt that because I'm going out tomorrow and I'm going to have fun. Although I'm not going to be able to watch Gian Magdangal in Lea's concert because its sold out. It's my fault for not buying it any earlier. But there, I'm just excited to turn 20, although not much is gonna change from me now and me in, I don't know, 15 minutes. Actually, I was born 6pm so I actually have 18, 18 more hours before I turn 20. But strictly speaking, I've got like, 14 minutes left. Hah. Goodbye 19. Goodbye teen years. Hello twenteen.”

Transcribed by: woodycakes
Tags: my birthday, philippine idol, voice post
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