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Happiness Formula

I know they say you can't "measure" happiness, or that you can't quantify it.

According to this Happiness Test, I'm Satisfied with my life. This test was designed by psychologist Professor Ed Diener from the University of Illinois and apparently, he'll analyze your answers based on the ratings you give to the questions.
People who score in this range like their lives and feel that things are going well. Of course your life is not perfect, but you feel that things are mostly good. Furthermore, just because you are satisfied does not mean you are complacent. In fact, growth and challenge might be part of the reason you are satisfied. For most people in this high-scoring range, life is enjoyable, and the major domains of life are going well - work or school, family, friends, leisure, and personal development. You can draw motivation from those areas of your life that you are dissatisfied with.
Still, there's no numerical equivalent to this "happiness." However, I've been able to accurately measure the happiness I've been feeling since yesterday. Down to the decimals. Let me count the ways.

42 is the number of points Sir forgot to add to my dismal grade. When I got my paper back yesterday, I saw that I didn't in fact, fuck it up. The score Sir had included in the score sheet was only my score for the First part of the test. With my additional 42 points, well, let's just say I don't have to drop the crazy subject.

22.2 is the percentage of body fat I have left in my body. Yes, I may have gained 4 pounds, but with my decreasing body fat, I feel so much better. That's a 6% body fat loss. Here's a toast to running around the academic oval against my wishes. At 7:02 am in the morning, I thought I would be late for my weigh in, but I was in fact early.

10 is the number of items in my delayed Anthro 10 quiz that I got right. I was so annoyed that it was delayed because I had wasted time on this subject instead of studying for Comm 140 last Thursday. I wasn't sure of my answers, but I guess I didn't do so bad considering the quiz had 10 items too.

21 are the number of units I'm taking next semester after consulting with my adviser. It includes BC 102, 103 and 121, the wonderful Comm 120, CommRes 101 (wheeeeee), Journ 101, and Socio 142 (my non-CMC elective). Just thinking of it makes my head split, but at the same time, it signals the entrance into upper-classman-ship Boo-yah!

110 is the price of a chicken-supreme rice burger that my mom treated me to when I met up with my parents in SM The Block that afternoon. I was so happy from the body fat loss and the grade mix-up that I was in the mood for a rice burger. I cannot get enough of this concoction by McDonalds. I have to thank them for this, and I think patronage of the said product is a great way of doing so.

350 is the price of the shirt i bought in Giordano because it was on sale. I don't think I even own anything from that store, because I find it kind of expensive, but when I saw the sale sign on the store front, I decided to try it out. And just to make myself even happier, I fit into the Small size. The week couldn't get any better.

52 is the number of times I've listened to More than Anyone by Gavin DeGraw. I swear this song has hooked me and made me more excited about One Tree Hill. His entire album has just made me so in love with the show and him. Definitely a fabulous soundtrack for this week.

11 is the number of people who made me feel appreciated. Thank you to Maecy, Pamy, Celeni, Niq, Tintin, Kimi, Yam, PB, Micx, Rina, and Mark. You guys made me see that despite the numbers, I can't measure just how thankful I feel that you guys were there. Thank you.
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