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Chad Michael Murray

The Good Guy
Ooh boy, do I have something to say about Mr. Murray. Well, now that I think about it, I don't really know this guy too well. But what I do have to say about him is that he's pretty fine. No, actually not just pretty fine, but amazingly hot!

If there was a list of hot guys that I had to conjure up, he would definitely be in it. The thing is, this guy can't go wrong either. He's tried absolutely everything with almost all aspects that he's pretty versatile. Obviously, a fan is speaking.

LOOKS: He's had the long hair in Freaky Friday, the spiky cut in Gilmore Girls and the clean cut look in One Tree Hill and what do I have to say about all three? He looks freaking hot in all of them. I don't know whether it's his face shape or just his face, but he looks really good with any cut.

ROLES: He doesn't really stray too much from the nice boy vibe, but he has done mean roles like Tristan from Gilmore Girls. That character was a real piss off especially when he was there ruining Rory's play, but he still ended up charming the audience -- me especially. Then he did the rebel dude with the soft heart in Freaky Friday and he seemed so right at home in that role too. But I think my favorite to date is Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill. Athletes are always fun to watch and he has such a naive yet determined character. I can't help but feel endeared to him.

Basically, I'm all for having him on the hot list. He deserves it and I don't care if he's a one-show wonder -- which actually can't be true anymore, as he's had other shows, maybe not as the lead, but technicalities say yes. And in the words of Drew Barrymore in Charlie's Angels, "The Chad was great." Indeed, Drew. Indeed.

**out of a possible five
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