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Fete De La Musique

This is the third version I'm writing of this. Why? Well, maybe I'm not meant to gloat or expound on the topic, but it's freaking me out how everytime I've written quite a lot of crap, either I close the window accidentally, the Internet Explorer decides to play games with me, or I'm just being plain stupid.

The thing is, last Saturday, I was so tired from the day before that I woke up in the afternoon. I deliberate in my head whether I have the right to go and abandon all the school work I had planned on doing. So much for the resolution of being a more responsible student this year. First weekend into the school year and I've become a full fledged delinquent.

Pamy was set on going for the jazz and lounge. PB was still making up his mind as I took a bath. Guel would only go if PB was going and Niq said she'd drop by. Jeannie said she'd be there and a bunch of Pamy's friends were going to show up, so I was the only confused chick. The thing is, I really did have a ton of work to do and by going to the Fete I would wasting so much time.

Right now, waste isn't exactly the word that comes to mind. It was like a right of passage for me. Not being too uptight about schedules, because I'm such an obsessive compulsive when it comes to school and going to Eastwood was like a break from my usual self. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed what I did.

I had so much fun going from stage to stage even if it rained and got canceled. Sure, Sandwich, Bamboo, Rivermaya and a whole lot of other bands weren't able to play, but I had the time of my life hanging out with my sister's friends. Tasha, Jenny, Christine, Chabelli, Karla, and a lot more people who are such a blast to be with. There were so many people you wouldn't believe it. The whole world was there -- literally. You couldn't walk past a stage and not meet at least ten people you knew. That was surely a night to remember and next year, I'm going without a doubt in my mind.


  • Meeting Jackie Chan
    It's too bad, I don't have the picture in my camera, but Jackie Chan was eating in Via Mare with Bamboo. No kidding, I even asked for his autograph, but he was too shy to sign them. He did smile for the picture though.
    Actually, Jackie was Tasha and Jenny's boss at Sony who happens to deny that he looks like the said actor, when he really did look like him. People would pass by him and give him shocked glances because he looked like the Asian actor. It was fun to pull the prank on him by going up to him and asking for his autograph. We all got a good laugh from that one.

  • Having a sleepover at my cousins house
    I haven't had one with Niq, Guel, and Jeannie altogether in ages and it was fun to do it like old times. Although, a sign that we are aging is that we actually sleep during the sleepovers. I remember when we wouldn't even bother to rest. The said house happens to be in Eastwood, a very apt location. We were ready to sneak in at 4 am, but that obviously didn't happen due to the raining and the cancellation. Still, it was cool having time to spend with my cousins.

  • Meeting two cute guys
    Sure, I looked like trash when I met them both and the fact that one of them is already taken and the other one obviously didn't give a damn about me, I don't care. They brightened up the evening and spiced things up. Tasha: next time warn me please. Things are certainly unexpected over at Fete and I have learned a lesson, always try to look half decent. Tasha decided to be my fairy godmother for the evening and re-introduced to some guys whom I had met before but have obviously forgotten me -- as usual -- and let's just say it was a tad awkward. The guy barely saw me and instead paid more attention to my cousin. Sure, I'm not supposed to be expecting anything, but a nice warning would do.

  • The brief encounter that I will forever remember
    I'm usually cool around celebrities, but I don't know what struck me when I saw Marc Abaya from the tent outside Fazoli's. I don't know what came over me exactly, but I just ran up to him and asked for an autograph and a picture. He was certainly game about it and his gracious girlfriend even stepped aside so that I could have the photo of a lifetime. The thing is, I was so giddy afterwards, I coudln't help but keep on smiling. It was crazy. He was absurdly hot and just so freaking sweet. Haaaaay... my heart still beats.

The moment, he got down on his knees and asked for my name, Two Trick Pony's lyrics were going through my head. I have been waiting for you all night, under the glow of the satellite.

So I'm a delinquent, who cares? I'm a senior now and I met Marc Abaya. What more could I ask for right now?

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