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And so I fall again

I have to admit, that I don't watch SOP. I've seen a bunch of shows when I was younger, but it's not something I watch every single week. Well, looks like I've got yet another distraction to add to my growing list of things that take keep my mind away from school.

Gian Magdangal just got "welcomed" to the SOP family today and well, I guess I'm going to be watching SOP every weekend now. I wasn't really expecting anything HUGE from the performance, because there were kids (gasp! i hate children) with him when they introduced him before the break. Luckily, he performed alone.

They had a little "picture montage" welcoming him to the "SOP Family" as Pamy predicted and he was in brown again, and stripes too. It'll take getting used to seeing him as a kapuso but I definitely don't mind. So much for getting over Idol. I still get my weekly fix of him, if only for a few minutes.

screencaps taken from Idol_Fanatic at ABC 5 Forums

EDIT: I just watched Starstruck's kick out and safe to say my neighbor is still in the running. I finally see Kristine Bernal on TV and have to admit that she is so cute. However, her cuteness isn't going to make me watch it everyday. I couldn't sit through the performances without squirming.

Judge Lorna Tolentino said it best: pick a talent you're good at and stick to it. They girls rendition of Irresistible by Beyonce was too too excrutiating to listen and watch. I know being an artista is difficult and I guess it's still too early on in the competition to be good at it, but whoa, smoe of the survivors shouldn't have made it past tonight.
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