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Great things happen if you actually start them

Only the first two days of school and I'm "tired" already. This is all of course, my fault. Cramming is my strongest suit and that isn't a great thing. Yesterday, I ditched PE because I couldnt see myself running around the academic oval twice with very little sleep. Starting the year right already. Lovely.

It's a good thing I managed to stay awake during the rest of my classes. I think Anthro 10 was the hardest to stay up for because it was so hot in that classroom. I work better with aircon. I was awake for Comm 140, but maybe that was because I was afraid Sir Varona would call me and I hate to disappoint that man. He's such a lolo-type that I really want to do well in his subject. I love lolo-types (like Sir Alarilla in my EEE10 class last sem), maybe it's because I no longer have a grandfather.

Anyway, for MP 179, my brilliant professor let us watch Life is Beautiful. I'm not the biggest fans of war movies. I have nothing against them. It's just that I feel really depressed after. Movies like The Pianist left me bawling for a week. I cannot take the horrible reality of war. However, LIB was different. It was so good, I didn't fall asleep despite it being dark and cold. Maybe that's why it won an Oscar. It was sad too, eventually, but the way it was written was amazing. MP 179 is a script writing class so we discussed how it was written and how everything was set-up really well. Now looking back on my lame-ass storyline that I submitted, there are about 1000 holes in it and so much revision to be done.

When I got home that afternoon, I just collapsed. I woke up today at 1.30 pm. So much for doing work early in the weekend. As if. I had to pick Pio up from his IP meeting in Katipunan but since the car's tires are just too whacked to be driving in, my mom refused to let me take it lest they explode. Normally, I would say no they won't, but I had a dream last night that I lost two teeth and apparently, that means someone's going to die. I don't want to die just yet, so I took my chances.

I forgot to bring anything to read or my iPod, so I ended up listening to what the driver was listening to. It was Edu Manzano and this Aida person's radio show where they were interviewing Manoling Morato and Alfie Lorenzo about the Metro Manila Film Festival. It was funny because these people were really getting into heated debates on whether or not they should rename the MMFF to something else because calling it MMFF put so much prestige in it like say the Berlin International Film Festival or the New York Film Festival when really the film shown at the MMFF have absolutely no fight against those shown at those festivals. They also talked about rescheduling the MMFF to some time other than Christmas so that they could show films that were "heavier" and that weren't necessarily targeted at the family.

Now I haven't watched any of the films shown at the MMFF but Pamy and I were planning on watching Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo because we had gotten so used to seeing Ryan Agoncillo at Philippine Idol shows that we had to see some more (and of course, due to the fact that it seemed interesting). Alas, we still haven't gotten around to watching it, despite all the controversy. Of course, I wanted to watch Mano Po 5 for the sole reason of Christian Bautista.

I do agree with the suggestion that they reschedule the MMFF because I honestly don't want to be forced to watch the Festival movies during christmas break when all the "big-budget" Hollywood movies come out. I know this makes me sound so very un-nationalistic and having absolutely no love for Filipino movies (Jose Rizal would probably poison me if he found out), but I just really find no reason why they should schedule it then. Because of the MMFF, the movie, The Holiday in FEBRUARY! It's not even the holiday season anymore. And because I can't wait, I'm going to have to resort to piracy (Gasp!). See what the MMFF is making me do?

But really, I wish they'd reschedule the MMFF to any time other than the Christmas season. It just seems better that way.

I can't believe I'm bringing this up again, but at 9am this morning, I got woken up by a really LOUD playing of the Starstruck theme. Yes, there was actually a little convoy of cars with pink balloons tied to them promoting Kristine Bernal. Apparently, the voting is this weekend and I guess they really want her to stay in. With all this noise about here, I might actually watch the show this weekend.

And finally, according to JustJared, the remake of My Sassy Girl is actually happening. Now I guess The Lakehouse was a good remake of Il Mare, but I'm afraid for this one somehow.

photo taken from JustJared

Saturday's almost over and still I have accomplished nothing. After all, my fortune for today told me, "Stop worrying about work. You don't get paid enough for it anyway." As if! I don't get paid at all.
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