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Same Old Brand New Me

Somehow, the new year had no effect on my habits. I'm still the same lazy, procrastinating student I was a few days ago (back in 2006). It's not a like a few days into the new year is going to change my attitude, although I wish it would, by some ungodly miracle.

So much crap to do, so little time. It's horrible how irresponsible I'm being.

  • BC 101 5 minute interview script
    I hate writing in Filipino and since my interview has to be in Filipino (for the sake of my interviwee, I'm having a horribly difficult time). I'm not very fond of the topic either, so this thing is just hopeless.
  • Comm 140 readings (tons of them)
    Oh sir. Why cannot I be a dork and just understand everything Littlejohn had to say? Why cannot I be a sponge that absorbs your theories so quickly the way I can absorb what Filipino celebrities have as their plans for the year 2007 (i.e. Mark Herras wants a GF na pangmatagalan -- his words not mine; Diether Ocampo wants to make an indie film that will garner critical acclaim all over the world -- oh wow).
  • Art Stud 2 Politically correct, filipinized Disney story
    Haven't started. Haven't got a clue. I will go burn in academic hell. I can feel it. And it's only January
  • MP 179 Storyline
    Again. I hate writing in Filipino. This class is all about Filipino. I'm so screwed. It should be fun though (writing a full-length movie script) that is if Sir actually approves my work.

    Yes, there are only 4 things on my agenda and yet I have done nothing. The rest of this semester is just starting out perfectly.

    It doesn't help either that on my first day back I get a flat tire. As I got to the AS Parking lot today, I noticed that my left wheel was looking a little deflated. I don't know how to change tires. I know this must be the easiest thing on earth (and something I should know as a driver), but alas I don't know how to. Thank god the tires held up until I reached the Shell gasoline station where I had it fixed for P50.00 not bad at all.

    Then during our GA, insects decide to feast on me and my legs and arms. Not a nice feeling. Con was nice enough to give me some alcohol so that I could spray myself. Alas, to no avail, I still felt like there were bugs all over me. And yes, I actually did shower, so it wasn't because I was smelling bad. Insects just don't like me much.

    The internet being terribly slow isn't helping either. whee.

    On a side note, Pietro just informed me that Alfred Vargas is our next door neighbor. As in next door. Not Bembol Roco-next door (which is more like in the same village), this one is really next door. Now I know he's not a big star (I wasn't even sure of who he was at first till I googled him) but living next door to a "quasi-celebrity" was sort of big for me.

    Speaking of quasi-celebrities, apparently another neighbor of mine, Kristine Bernal is part of this season's Starstruck. Now I admit to watching the first season of Starstruck -- the one that spawned Mark Herras (wow, two mentions in one entry!), but seeing that someone I used to see in mass every Sunday is part of the Circle of 16, I might actually stick around.

    Storyline, where are you?
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