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So Long 2006

The year started right with January and the installation of DSL into our lovely home. I don't know how we survived without it. This was only a sign of great things to come.

February started off with lots of worrying as I was preparing myself to be inducted into my org. And before I knew it the longest day of my life was over. Before I turned 19, I also made sure that I appreciated myself. Of course, American Idol Season 5 was beginning to take over my life

March spelled the end of my first year in university with the culmination of the raping of my brain thanks to Pol Sci 14. I also gave the drivers of Manila a taste of terror as I enrolled myself in A1 Driving school so that I could learn to drive.

Since summer comes around during April, I obviously had a ton of fun lazing around watching all kinds of movies. It was one DVD after the other. That is, until I discovered the beauty of Korean Dramas. Who knew I couldn't get enough??? That doesn't mean I wasn't equally distracted by the hotness of Wentworth Miller. You could lock me up anytime.

May forced upon me my first summer spent in school slaving away for CWTS. Honestly, could there have been anything more boring? It did however bring me closer to my favorite friends. Still, nothing could be Idol Fever as it swept through our household consuming us in Elliot Yamin Loving.

June came way too soon and I embarked on my second year of college. I don't think I'll ever love the devil that is CRS as it never gives me anything decent and this enrollment was no exception. Despite occasional hazards, I eventually settled in to the grind of things. And my org life was only getting started.

Rainy season has arrived. July gave me my first no class for the school year. Those are always fun. It also gave me my very first trip to the infirmary. Who knew Philippine games could be so rough? Though there were moments of stupidity, everything was fine and dandy for the most part. Finally, it showed that every boyband has to have a gay member.

August gave me news of all sorts. Some were surprising, others just confusing and others just plain great. Free patron seats to the INXS concert in Manila were definitely not something I was going to pass up. How many times will JD Fortune ever call me babe anyway, right?

Who knew I would feel like a star by September? Thanks to friends I was able to star in my first production (it doesn't matter that I only came out for 10 seconds). This month also got me closer to wonderful friends whom I'm sure to treasure for life. I got myself into little shitholes, but nothing I couldn't fix with a little lot of help. And by the end of the month, Philippine Idol Worship had begun.

October brought that storm that raged over Manila. And somehow the first semester just didn't want to end. Who knew CRS could pick on you twice in a year? It's possible, apparently. Of course we got our first taste of Philippine Idol LIVE -- and we couldn't get enough. Finally the month ended, but not without ending the sem in style and meeting up with some old friends for some good old fashioned sleep over.

I should probably annoint the month of November as Philippine Idol month as I did nothing but attend live shows for the Radio Night, the Movies and Musical Night, the Standards and Big Band Night (and the kick-out) and even a mall show at that. If my obvious fangirl-ism for Gian Magdangal wasn't obvious then, it was so blatantly out now.

Before I knew it, it was already December and things in Idol Land were only getting better. The Grand Finale was just fantabulous and though the results weren't in my favor, I certainly got a consolation prize. The Christmas break was awesome and restful and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

From the beginning till the end of the year, my family was there to witness it all with me. I also gained many friends, I'm sure I'll be close to for the rest of my life. I didn't think 2006 would turn out to be this great. Sure, it had its pitfalls and perils, but all in all, it was a wonderful year for me.

Here's to only better things in 2007!
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