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Last Christmas

christmas treeA little hibernation never hurt. I don't think I've stayed away this long from the computer and from the internet at that, but since I've been able to put off my school work and everything else since PB arrived, I guess a little internet abstinence could do me some good.

I just realized how much school work I had ahead of me and it's no joke either. I've got so much crap to work on, that I really need to get things started. The sad thing is, I feel no urge to do anything despite the deadline being so near. I'm really scared at how careless I'm being with school work. It's not that I don't care either, cause I do. I'm just in vacation mode and it's so so so difficult to get out of it.

And now that PB's back in Singapore, I really have absolutely no more excuses when it comes to putting off school work, because Christmas is over, PB is gone and I should snap back to working. It's unfortunately not as easily done. With DVDs to watch (I love you Michael Scofield & Preston Burke -- more on them some other time), and post-christmas get togethers with friends, school work just doesn't fit into the equation. Family + DVDs + lots of food + amazing weather = LOVE

BAGUIO was relaxing.

When my family goes to Baguio we usually go out every single day. We do everything every tourist does when they go to Baguio. Biking at Burnham Park, shoppping at Mines View, eating, eating and eating some more. This time around though, I'm proud to say we did nothing but sleep and of course eat. We'd wake up to eat breakfast, sleep before lunch, wake up for lunch, sleep before dinner, wake up for dinner and sleep for the night.

I'm serious. Now multiply that by three days and you pretty much get a picture of how I spent my vacation. And i'm not going to complain either. It's not like I get to spend that much time sleeping during the actual school year, so it was really fun to just sleep and not worry about things (although I was supposed to be worrying about a ton of things).

baguio is love

Christmas this year was different this year too. PB said it best. I don't know if I prefer how we celebrated it before, but I guess I'm fine with this year's celebration too. Playing games and singing to karaoke from the 37th floor isn't something to complain about. The view from the top was definitely breathtaking but the camwhoring and the pigging out was a ton of fun too.

christmas with the cids

Tomorrow marks the end of the year and hopefully the end of my horrible horrible habits. I'll be making new resolutions that I hopefully won't break. This Christmas break has been fun, amazing and anything but productive (school-wise). I don't think I'm regretting it just yet.
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