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Philippine Idol: Results Are In

First off, congratulations to Mau Marcelo on becoming the first Philippine Idol!

Last night's show was definitely one to remember. Pamy and I had barely slept the night before and I was dying from the anticipation and nervousness the entire day. The rain was bogging me down and I was just tired, but nothing was stopping me from going to Araneta Coliseum that evening.

Before the show started, I was asked by Bean (Gian's lovely cousin) if I could join a contest as representative of the Gian fans. Now I wasn't too happy about it, but Bean's been so incredibly nice and awesome to me that I couldn't say no. That was until I found out it was a singing contest like the night before.

Now I've made a fool of myself many many times before, but I don't think I was ready to do that in front of the entire Araneta. So instead, I get Pamy, who is skilled in the music department to take my place. How many people can say they've sang in front of a bunch of people at the Araneta, right?

Here's Pamy singing Pennies From Heaven

From upper box B to patron seats, Pamy and I were just happy to be there. And then the nerves settled in and the fans started pouring in. I was so happy to be amidst fellow Gian Magdangal supporters, but I have to admit that I felt so overwhelmed with the constant waves the Jan Nieto fans would do. Their sheer number was enough to make me want to scream my lungs out.

The show was great. I loved their performances and it was awesome seeing the Top 12 onstage. But while everything was happening onstage, I was really praying that Gian would take the title. I guess my prayers weren't strong enough.

Our side of the stage obviously fell silent, although we did clap for Mau when she was pronounced the winner. I guess the word disappointment doesn't really cut it. I was just so devastated. It was really anyone's game, really. And according to the percentage of votes, it was a tight race.

I told myself I wouldn't cry. I mean Gian's family wasn't crying, what right did I have? But I guess I just couldn't help it. I'm a sucker for things like this. I guess my tear ducts aren't strong enough. Bean and Muppet (Gian's cousins) were so sweet. They both gave me hugs and told me it was okay. I told them it was funny because it should have been the other way around -- me telling them it was okay.

But really, it's not okay. And I'm sure Jan's fans think it isn't okay either. But in the end, someone had to win. I hope what Audie Gemora said during the after show was true. He said (not verbatim) that things were only beginning for Gian. If people could put in so much money for voting, then they could too for publicity or things to help Gian start a career. He said that they were able to do it for Christian Bautista, they'll try it for Gian too.

Philippine Idol has been life-changing for me and Pamy. As silly as it sounds, it's true. We've certainly taken our fangirl-ism to a new level. But more than that, I guess we kind of changed too. We both learned to assert ourselves more and be more vocal about things we wanted and enjoyed. Our priorities sort of shifted too (I'm not saying this is a super good thing, but it isn't evil either). I've had no regrets, going to MegaMall to watch on a Sunday night -- something I wouldn't think of doing.

Other than entertaining us, Idol allowed to us to expand the tiny bubble we exist in -- even if the our world is shrinking (through mutual acquaintances and all that). I've met fellow fans through blogging (hi Jove and Noemi); attending too many shows in MegaMall (Hey Bean, Muppet and Maui!); getting chummy with the Philippine Idol crew who are probably sick of our fangirl faces (Hello Mark the bouncer, JE the ever-helpful and the Chris Botti lookalike); and of course, meeting and talking to the Idols face-to-face (Hello Top 12!).

And of course, Idol has allowed me to once again unleash the fangirl in me. I didn't think anything could top my devotion to *N Sync back in Grade 6 till God knows when. I was wrong. Having these quasi-celebrities so within reach just fueled the fangirl in me to watch things live each week because really despite their celebrity-esque status, they're all still very much humble and accommodating to the fans. With absolutely no egos, I was able to talk to the Idols without fear of being brushed off as some measly deranged fangirl. They actually took time out to take pictures, sign things and the constant thanking us for the "support" we've given them.

I really hope they all stay the same, and not let the taste of celebrity change their attitude towards things because it would truly be a shame. I give props to ABC 5 too for not barring off the fans from the Idols. I would think that if handled by another network, Pamy and I would not have gotten as many pictures as we did throughout the season. I think the constant interaction between the fans and the Idols themselves only helps fuel the fanaticism that each delusional girl like me experiences every week.

my idol

Again, I seriously do not know how anything else can ever top my Idol-experience. It's already been six months, yet somehow it only feels like yesterday that Philippine Idol premiered. Congratulations to ABC 5 for a job well done. I don't think any other network could have done a greater job at Idol.

See Amazing Photos of the results night from Noemi Dado.
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