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# 005 : The Insatiable Inspector

I have nothing against complaints. In fact, I think speaking your mind about what you find wrong in a siuation is good because you are able to assert yourself. What I don't like is when someone acts like an Insatiable Inspector (II).

The II is never satisfied with whatever is placed in front of him. The food is always too bland or too salty -- even if EVERYONE ELSE enjoys their meals. The roads are always too congested with vehicles -- even if other drivers coast along at a normal/safe speed. The computer is always glitchy or too slow -- even if all the other users are happy with the speed of the internet.

They're just NEVER satisfied.

What sucks even more is that II can hide behind the guise of someone who's just got high standards. Yes, I have high standards too, but I think there's a difference between having high standards and impossible requirements. It's cool to expect the best from something -- especially if it's something you paid for -- if it's within reason.

It's not cool when you're just crticizing everything just because you're in a bad mood and decide that NOTHING is good enough. It's not cool when you're dampening everyone else's mood just because you think the server at the restaurant wasn't at your beck and call for every single second you were seated there. It's not cool when you're obliging others to satisfy your insatiable thirst for perfection just because you think that certain objects (which you had made for quite a steal) do not reach your obscenely high standards.

I abhor the II because like others, I aim to please (yes, that is my fault too) because unfortunately, when it comes to the II, anything I do will just NEVER be enough.
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