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Ten Things that Made My Day

Thanks to a Philippine Idol Live show-bereft weekend, I felt like this week would not turn out right. In fact, as I walked out of the village this morning (really early at that), things looked dismal. There was no Pamy to gush with on Sunday evenings exciting events (She was in Bangkok). There was no Philippine Idol Live Show to reminisce. There was no kick-out to anticipate. There was a BC 101 first production to worry about. Things just weren't going well.

Still behind every dark cloud, there's bound to be some light shining through and by the end of the day, things were better than great.

  • BC 101 classmates
    Who knew counting could be so hard? I never thought I'd be so nervous I couldn't tell the time or count from ten backwards with my fingers. Nevertheless, I'm just glad that our first production is over. Sure, I was almost pissing in my pants the entire time, but at least no one failed so far. Here's to more productions together.

  • Chatting with Con
    I miss this girl! Compared to my daily dose of Con in the first semester, I barely get to see her this semester -- thanks to crappy schedules and busy lives. It was nice to catch up with her again. This girl is so obviously blooming and it's not hard to see why. I'm hoping seeing you every Monday will be a ritual. It'll make my Mondays something to look forward to.

  • Sleeping during Bio
    Watching a documentary about sex was apparently not interesting enough to keep me awake. Thank goodness for kick-ass seatmates like Epy and absent teachers like Prof Amparado that I was able to get a few minutes of shut-eye. Getting dismissed early on top of all of that was the icing on the cake. Things could not have been any better.

  • Catching up with Klar
    I thought getting dismissed early was good; then I see Klar at the AS steps and I totally flip. It's not everyday I chance upon my scrub buddy/Wimbledon-player-wannabe so I didn't mind spending time with her at all. It's always a laugh trip when I'm with Klar. If I were to be asked what were the things I miss from highschool, Klar would definitely be on that list.

  • Rubbing elbows with Ayeen
    Ayeen and I sat next to each other at the Prod Fest and it was nice to talk with her again. We walked to AS in the dark (believe me, I was freaked) and walked back to Kamia talking about the most inane things (like hair remover and how petite girls manage to bag top plums). After sharing a bag of potato-onion chips/crackers of sorts, we were so comfortable in our seats I almost dozed off. Ayeen was sweet enough to wake me up though, lest my saliva come dripping down. So embarrassing.

  • Fireworks at Quezon Hall
    Quezon Hall was quite the spectacle tonight. I didn't even know they were going to light it up so beautifully, much more, have an entire concert to celebrate its being lit up. I heart fireworks, and not the noisy kind. I like those that make pretty patterns in the sky. A preview of this Christmas perhaps? I wouldn't mind at all.

  • Free Rides home
    Thanks Bikoy for taking me home. I have to admit that I've grown quite attached to the car. It's sad how dependent I've gotten on it. I guess I'm so used to the luxury and convenience of knowing that I can drive wherever. Thus, when the car is coded on Mondays, I am forced to commute. One ride to school was all I needed today because I got a free car ride home. Thank god for friends with cars who live near you and have a car that isn't coded on the same day your car is coded.

  • Goong magazines from Thailand
    Pamy knows me too too well. After coming from a company outing in Bangkok, my sister came home with the perfect pasalubong. A magazine devoted to Goong and Goong alone. My sister really knows the way to my heart. With pages upon pages of Shin + Chaegyung + Yul, this is enough eye candy to tide me over till the next cute asianovela comes along.

    goong magazine love
  • Toffee Nut Lattes
    Subsidized coffee is the shit. After dinner, my parents told me and Pamy that they'd meet us at Starbucks for some coffee. I cannot pass up a Toffee Nut Latte, moreover, I can't say no to another sticker on my card. 4 stickers left. So I haven't seen Clark the barista, but there was another quasi cute barista tonight who even chit chatted with me and my mom for a bit. It's too bad he misspelled my name: P-A-T-T-I. Boo.

  • Gian Magdangal wearing the Rock DJ shirt
    Remember this gift that I decided to give Gian on his birthday? Remember that day when I drove all the way to SM Manila? Well, I guess it sort of paid off.

    Other than the free tickets Gian's been giving us for the live shows every Sunday and the giddy feeling I get when I receive a thank you text from Gian, tonight was just the pinnacle of it all. I saw Gian on television, wearing the t-shirt that I gave him. How cool is that?

    I mean he told me it fit him, and for some reason I didn't quite believe him. The cynic in me was telling me that he was just being polite about the gift and all that jazz. But seeing him wear it on television just drove me over the edge. It really did fit him and he must have liked it enough to wear it on tv. **Squeees** and **dies inside**

    So the fangirl in me just had to text him. I couldn't help it. Why did he give me his number if I'm not going to use it? So in my most casual text, I basically tell him that I'm glad the shirt really fits him. And he replies: Still wearing it now with a smiley attached to the end. How can I not die again? This guy is so charming and so good with the girls, I hope enough fangirls, like me, get so inebriated by his charms (AND TALENT of course), we'll do nothing but vote vote and vote some more this Saturday.

    Gian Magdangal has to win Philippine Idol.

    Stl wearing it now

    To think I was so negative at the beginning of the day. I'm glad the middle part and ending totally made up for it. I have a feeling the rest of the week will fly by just like that. Hello weekend.
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