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Frequently Frequenting a Frequency

It's funny how I'm so nervous for my first production for BC 101 on Monday, when I've been listening to the radio forever. When I was in grade school and high school, I rode the school bus and the radio was our only source of entertainment for the long ride to and from school. It didn't help that I had no mp3 player, and that I wasn't close to all my busmates. It also didn't help that I was one of the last to be brought home with all the traffic along EDSA.

Ever since, I've been listening to Magic 89.9 and because I like pop music in general, I stuck around. The only shows I'd be able to listen to were the morning shows and the afternoon ones. And I actually missed a lot of the morning show because I'd be asleep on the way to school. But I really listened to the afternoon show.

From Mo Twister and Miles, then to Joey and Miles and then they changed again and now they're back to Joey and Miles, I kind of figured I liked listening to the afternoon countdown. That's why I was kind of starstruck to see Miles and Joey at the INXS concert. I was seated behind them at the concert and finally at the end, I decided to just suck it up and ask for a picture. They were really nice about it and they agreed, despite my over-eagerness.

Two days ago, I attended the Pinoy Media Summit in Miriam college and outside the auditorium, they were shooting for Y! Speak. I didn't know Mo Twister hosted that show too, but I was again starstruck. I've been listening to him since forever and even spoke to him on the phone back in the day (when I was still a fan of *N Sync -- my Tito John-D called me one evening and asked me if I was an *N Sync fan because he wanted me to speak to a fellow *N Sync fan and it happened to be Mo Twister. I was so ecstatic back then and now that I look back on it, it still seems surreal. But anyway I digress).

So the fangirl in me comes out and I totally do the entire vocal diarrhea again. Mo was really awesome about my fangirly-ness and I told him how I listened to his show. Thing is, I live so near to school now that I barely get to catch anything. Living ten minutes away from school kind of limits listening time.

If only the amount of listening to the radio could translate into being comfortable and professional inside the radio booth on Monday, I would be an expert in Music and Verse. Thanks to Reming though, I won't be able to practice with my assistant director before the production on Monday. Whee. I can't wait to wing it. Not.

on the radio
thanks to Bikoy for my picture with Mo Twister
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