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Philippine Idol: Top 4 (Results Night) LIVE

Now I know why this was the only Philippine Idol results show I watched Live.

it's not because of the tickets. Apparently, it's easier to get in on a Monday night rather than the performance nights. It's not because its on a school night either. I watch every Sunday despite having an early class the next day -- a major subject at that. It's because of the minor heart attack I experience watching it live.

Thanks to Bean and Muppet for getting us tickets again. Our seats could not have been more fantastic. Because the ladies at the ticket counter lost our original tickets, we ended up in the side seats, but thanks to Muppet, we got upgraded to the center row, right behind Gretchen Barretto -- who was so beautiful that evening.

But really, other than the great seats, the show was good too. They sure know how to stretch a measly announcement into an hour's worth of show. Their opening number was amazing. Mau Marcelo sounded fabulous as usual and although I must admit Gian Magdangal looked a little off with his outfit (he should have tucked both sides of his shirt in OR just kept both sides out), he sounded great nevertheless and looked fabulous from the chest up and from the hips down.

The heart attacks came when Ryan Agoncillo kept letting people sit and stand (not ever mentioning the word SAFE -- believe me we noticed) and the constant going to advertisements. I know I'm probably one of the few people who would have preferred Jan Nieto gone, but I really feel nothing for this guy. Seeing Miguel Mendoza look so calm during the breaks, mae me even more sad.

During commercial breaks, Pamy had to restrain me from convulsing from the nervousness. I'm usually on the floor while waiting for the results to be announced at home, but the tension is even worse inside the theater. I was only fully calmed down when Miguel's name was finally said.

Since they said they'd be giving away finale tickets if the audience stayed for the taping of the Final 3's show this weekend, Pamy and I stuck it out. I wasn't even able to get a picture with Gian in his quirky outfit because he was whisked off so quickly; he didn't even have enough time to go to his parents and give them a hug (I saw he wanted too, but he was told to go backstage).

Waiting for the taping took forever and the taping didn't last very long, but getting the tickets was well worth it. After it all, I finally got my weekly dose of Gian and he was so charming once again -- no wonder I keep voting. He said thanks for the support and gave me yet another beso-hug combo. I shouldn't take these things for granted either, as I will soon be bereft of these kilig moments once Philippine Idol is over.

Gian's family was really nice to us too. Other than the constant shower of great tickets, they're also very welcoming of strange fangirls like me. As I thanked Bean and Muppet and of course Mr. and Mrs. Magdangal, Bean and Muppet promised us better tickets if they had any extra. I won't hold my breath but I'll definitely cross my fingers.

Results shows aren't the best thing to watch, especially since there are no spoilers to rely on. Still, I'm so glad I watched that night's results show since it was the last ever show in MegaMall. Again, how the hell am I going to get through the week without my Philippine Idol?

A huge THANK YOU to Mr. Jove Francisco for helping us retrieve our camera. We're sorry for bothering you; we just didn't know what to do with ourselves. You put me and Pamy at ease. Thank you, thank you and thanks again!

Heart Attack!
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