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The last birthday celebration we had wherein our family was complete was my mom's birthday back in May. It was nice to go out and have the entire family complete once again. For Pietro's birthday yesterday we went to Terry's Selection in Podium. It was my first time to eat there and I wasn't so hot about it at first, but when the food arrived, yummy.

I had lengua and a little paella and it was funny cause while we were ordering the server suggested we split the dishes between two people. I knew that no matter how "large" their portions were, we could finish it by ourselves.

I was right. And when the server came to take our plates, she was shocked that each of us finished our own orders. What can I say? We eat a LOT.


Happy Birthday Pietro aka veganpunk_!!!
Hope you had a fabulous/stress-less day!
Keep on working hard
You're my Academic Idol
Love you lots!!!
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