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Philippine Idol: Top 4 (Standards and Big Band Night) LIVE!!!

Quoting Gian Magdangal's Greased Lightning performance last week, the chicks will cream and they did tonight. The Idol theater was packed to the rafters. Complete with a special guest performance by Mr Kenny Waymack with the boyband Boys Avenue, this show did NOT disappoint.

In fact, everyone did so well tonight, I had a hard time ranking them as objectively as I could. I know that by now everyone knows I have absolutley no credibility when it comes to ranking Idols as my idolizing/fanaticizing over Gian has clouded my judgement immensely, but despite that, I still critique every week, as objectively as I can. Seriously.

If I were really a crazy fangirl, I would just type in BIG BOLD LETTERS VOTE FOR GIAN and post it. but see, there's effort. I'm still trying to remain as un-biased as I can, and this is hard, believe me. I could go on and write about every single move/air intake Gian took that night, but I won't. Moving on, Big Band and Standard Night was everything I had expected it to be. And even a little more...

  • Jan Nieto 4
    1. Beyond The Sea
    I happen to love Robbie Williams version of this and even Ewan McGregor's version, but somehow Jan's didn't work too well for me. Jan sounded good. Yes. But he didn't entertain me. And at this point, you've got really get me grooving or at least singing along with you. And his JAN styrofoam signs were so annoying. They were like a hybrid of the Gian and Pow styrofoam signs. So much for originality.

    OF course, the judges just lapped up this peformance and even predicted he go to the finals. Oh yes he'll be there -- unless by some miracle he gets the boot tomorrow. Seriously, that would be heaven. Vocally good, performance, lackluster.

    2. The Way You Look Tonight
    His second song didn't blow me away either. I was actually a little shocked that he started talking after his first song because I didn't know they were going to sing both songs back to back. I was afraid Gian was going to sing this song. Because you can't just SING this song, you've got to be Tony Bennett to sing this song. I wasn't impressed by Jan's performance. Again, vocally okay, but it was just vocals. I didn't want to watch him. Sure, he improved with the constipating looks, but that was it.

  • Miguel Mendoza 3
    1. True
    Surprisingly, I liked Miguel's performances tonight. And no, it wasn't just because he waved to me before his performance. Seriously. He was at the side of the stage and I see Miguel waving in my direction. Now there are a lot of people behind me, he could have been waving to them, surely? So I point to myself and do the is it me gesture. And he points at me and nods. Ooh boy, this kid almost got me to vote for him. Alas, I was fervently holding on to my Gian stick.

    Other than the acknowledgement of my existence, I really thought he did a good job on his perforance. I thought it was cute how he changed the word Ella to Apple. It was like a mini-gimmick, but he didn't need to go down the stage and kiss Apple's ass **cough**Jan**cough** He was a little more comfortable onstage and I appreciated that.

    2. I've Got You Under My Skin
    His second song wasn't bad either. In fact, I'd say Miguel had improved. And it sucks that the judges don't see that. Whenever Jan does a tiny tiny improvement, they'll just jump up and down and shout with glee, but with Miguel, the judges seem oblivious. Maybe it's the case of too little too late. Still, I was cool with his performance. I wasn't melting in my seat, but at least I was watching him. I can't say the same for others.

  • Mau Marcelo 2
    1. My Funny Valentine
    I was expecting too much from Mau, I have to admit, and that's probably why I wasn't so impressed. However, I thought Mau did great, compared to the others. But compared to herself, I know she could have done so much better. Her first song was sung mostly in falsetto, or at least in a key that wasn't her usual key. And still she pulled it off. I wasn't dying or blown away, unlike last weeks Diamonds are Forever but it was definitely a good one.

    2. Waray Waray
    I'm not into gimmicks. And for me, the song choice was a MAJOR gimmick. I guess they'd do anything to make her win, but I thought that choosing this song was a stunt. Yes she pulled it off, gaining her the standing ovation but I wasn't that moved. I think that the crowd loved her so much because she was good vocally and because of her gutsy song choice. Still her stunt worked perfectly, so that's what matters.

  • Gian Magdangal 1
    1. They Can't Take That Away From Me
    From the minute he walked onto the stage, I swear I was on the floor. I didn't know what to do with myself and honestly, the theater really got hotter. But seriously, Gian nailed this performance. He was calm and cool and totally in control of everything, down to the little grapevine he did when he went up the stage. Slick and suave, Gian's performance was top notch and my screaming was a testament to that. If only I weren't seated next to his cousin, Bean, I would have probably stood up and yelled, "Gian I want your babies!"

    Apparently, Gian was supposed to have a little gimmick wherein he'd go to Gail in the audience, but since Jan took that already (Jan was supposed to go to Apple), Gian had to rely on his classic charming -- which totally worked for him. Tscha to you Jan Nieto! Still, I think that Gian did an amazing job despite not having a gimmick. This song was just perfect for him. They cannot take away Philippine Idol away from him. Not after tonight. Seriously.

    His little spiel in the middle was funny. Shy? Sure... but he was visibly nervous while talking. You could see him shaking from our side of the stage. Still, i don't blame him for being nervous. Despite being an amazing performer, he's still not safe-safe. I don't think he ever was.

    2. The Very Thought Of You
    Holy shit. That gave me the shivers. The thing with Gian is, he never over-sings even if I really want him to already. This song was too too sweet and the way he sang it was just right. Okay, so he was looking at Gail half the time, but I'd like to believe it was because he HAD TO look at someone (who am I fooling?). Still, Gian's vocals were great on this one. He didn't strive to get THAT note in the end or in the middle or in the bridge. He sang it cool as a cucumber.

    And the judges comments just blew me away. FINALLY. FINALLY. FINALLY. FINALLY. FINALLY. Finally, they give him credit. And it's a tad too late, but hey, I'll take it. I think they're obviously trying to do last minute pimpage in hopes that voters everywhere realize that HE MUST WIN. Gian was so humble about the comments though. I'm sorry Jan, but I imagine you kissing your biceps if Mr. C ever told you you were that good. Gian was so cool and modest about it all. Gotta love the guy? Oh yeah, I already do.

    My Bottom Three
    1. Mau
    2. Miguel
    3. Jan

    Who will go tomorrow? Lord knows. Hopefully Jan Nieto. I just don't have a thing for this guy. I feel no sympathy for him. None. Nil. Zilch. Zero. This guy brings out the worst in me. I tend to curse more when he's performing and my eyes somehow automatically roll on their own volition. I don't know, I can't seem to control myself.

    And since there are rumors that the FINAL 3 will all go the FINALS (oh no), I'm seriously seriously hoping and begging and wishing that MY GIAN makes it. I voted till my credits ran out and I got my friends to load me with more credits which I eventually finished up too. This is just too much emotional and financial investment. Gian has to get in or I will... I don't know. Probably just drop dead.

    Pamy and I were so calm this afternoon. In fact, we took a bath late, and dressed up (taking our precious time) because Gian had texted me yesterday saying he had TWO tickets for me. So sweet. Still, I drive at breakneck speed (as safe as possible) and we make it on time. I meet up with Muppet (Gian's sweet sweet cousin) who has my ticket already at the desk upfront.

    And our seats? Oh so nice. Not totally kissing the stage, but totally in the cameras. It sucks cause I was feeling fat today (thank you Chinese food, for not digesting completely). So in my ratty black shirt that's faded, I sucked my tummy in and hoped we wouldn't get shown on TV. Seriously.

    However, I think yelling my lungs out everytime Gian would so much as breathe garnered me my two seconds of fame. Holding my Gian glittered stick, I yelled as much as I could without damaging my vocal cords permanently. I'd like to believe even Bean was impressed with my yelling skills. That girl can yell too. Hobnobbing with family members (Gian's, not mine -- yet) was cool. When asked what Gian's colors were, we answered, "multi-colored" because unlike Jan's fans, they were all in full force blue. Ew.

    After the show, Gian had A LOT of fans surrounding him. Even more than usual. And believe me, I've seen three previous dumogs of fangirls/fanboys and this was the most. See? What the judges say does matter. If only Mr. C and the rest praised him before, he'd be more of a shoo-in now. Alas, we're stuck to voting like crazy.

    So I wait for my turn to get my weekly picture and before I even say hi, he already says, "hey patty!" I swear, who knew two words could get my panties in a knot? Still sweating, he gave me two hugs and the requisite, keep in touch and an additional, "we should hang out" out of politeness. Our pictures say it all. I was barely breathing as I was pressed up against his side (I will censor myself and avoid making this sound like a trashy romance novel), but believe me, my loins were throbbing.

    Another two hugs and quasi beso later, I think I've had too much Gian (not possible) for one evening. I bid the entire Magdangal family goodbye and even meet a new member, his aunt/Bean's mom. I swear, we are probably the most persistent fangirls present. Even Ken Dingle noticed that we were there every week (sans being related to any of the remaining Idols). Reymond Sajor too was shocked na hindi pa kami nagsasawa of watching.

    Oh yeah Reymond. As long as Gian stays in, I will march from Apari hanggang Jolo if only to watch Gian live. With my fingers crossed, my panties in a knot, and my cellphone credit-less, I anxiously wait for the results. Pamy and I plan on watching the results show live. I hope I'm not the bad omen or whatever. It'll be the first time we watch a results show and the last show in the SM Megamall Idol Theater. Here's to tomorrow. Gian's got to make it.

    Big Band, Big Night

    Hi again to Noemi who I saw before the show. It was nice to see you again and have a picture this time around. I can't wait to see your photos.
    1. He is entertaining and has great eye contact with the audience when singing live. One can feel his passion.
    2. He is charming to his fans and willing to have photos or autographs. Patty, a Gian fan can definitely vouch for this. Read Patty’s encounter with Gian and how Gian treats a fan.
    3. He sings well.
    4. He has the looks and the stage presence. He carries himself well.
    5. He shows flexibility in various music genre.
    -- taken from Philippine Idol Blog @ BLOGGED
    Hello to Jove Francisco too! You're right, I think bloggers are the only ones making all this noise about Philippine Idol. I really hope people are voting like crazy tonight. Hope to see you again tomorrow!
    But there’s one “bloc” or market that is pushing for Gian to win: the young ladies of this country. Cough-patty-cough-sister of patty-cough.

    And Patty&Sis are not the only ones! I’ve seen it inside and outside the Philippine Idol Theatre (Megamall), and I’ve seen it inside the ABC 5 Novaliches Studios too! The ladies were swooning like there’s no tomorrow when Gian taped an episode of I Love Philippine Idol. Yup, kasama na diyan ang mga young lady reporters ng singko. Alam ninyo kung sino sino kayo, hehehe. Ahem-tere-Ahem-faye-ahem-carmela-ahem-etc…
    -- taken from

    Gian is MY Philippine Idol
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