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I Don't Speak No Singlish

And he's back!!!

After slaving away in Singapore, PB is finally back home. Waiting for him at the Centennial airport wasn't exactly I'd wish on anyone because it's so jampacked with people waiting for relatives to come, that it becomes a little suffocating. I was getting a little claustrophobic.

When he finally arrived, we were all "famished" (despite having eaten Jollibee in the car on the way to the airport) so we troop over to SM Mall of Asia. Pio wasn't too happy about that because he still believes that the mall is sinking and we might be in it during a Titanic like scene.

We end up David's Tea House (a Chinese restaurant) and it's interesting how whenever PB comes home from Singapore, we end up eating in a Chinese restaurant. I remember in May, we ate at Shanghai Bistro in Eastwood.

I'm so glad he's home. Sure, this adds yet more distraction to my already very un-focused college life, but it isn't everyday my twin brother comes home, right?

cover boy main feature parents too!

Other than the usual loads of clothes he has, PB also came home with a little magazine their school produces and he was on the cover! I've never been on the cover of anything in my life! And not only was he on the cover, he was the subject of an article too. My sisterly pride is just spilling out.
President of SVDP Pablo, an ASEAN scholar from the Philippines commented, "This award recognizes my character rather than intellect or skill. To me, it is a sign of my growth as a person because of SJI. For the SJI community to acknowledge my contributions and personal development is a heartwarming affirmation. Servant leadership is putting the interests of the people you lead over your own. It is giving your whole self to uplift and motivate those around you so that athey can become better and in turn, serve others as well. The highlights of being in SDVP are the weekly visits to the Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital."

"Being a Josephian is being a person with a heart. We may not be the strongest nor the smartest, though it does not hurt to sometimes feel that we are. We may not be all those things, but we are men who have souls. We are men who are inclined to serve and not just think of ourselves. In SJI, we are moulded into men of integrity and compassion," said Pablo.

-- taken from the article, "Lasallian Distinguished Service Awardess" found in SJI News

Contrary to my title, my brother still speaks impeccable English. In fact, after reading what he said in their school magazine about being a Josephian, I honestly couldn't believe it was words my brother could churn out. Singapore is definitely doing my brother good great.

Guess who sent me a text message this afternoon saying he had TWO tickets for Philippine Idol tomorrow night for me? Eep!
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