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Surivival of the Unfittest

In Anthro 10 we just finished discussing Darwin's Theory of Evolution. How apt that we're discussing the survival of the fittest when in my PE: Running for Fitness, it's safe to say that I am the most unfit.

We've been running around the track oval for two meetings and I still feel like dying everytime we go through it. Four laps before, now SIX laps and I seriously feel like dying. My legs can't carry me any further than the first lap and my sweat is just pouring out of every single pore in my body.

Did I mention we're being graded for this? I always manage to come in last (although it's no race). I still feel bad that there's no one else behind me struggling to make it to the finish line. I feel like I'm out of breath all the time and I can feel like my legs are just going to give up on me midway. Good luck to me surviving this semester.

Yesterday, I only had one class to go to school for, Bio 1, and it was cancelled. Whee. I'm glad it was cancelled because it bores the hell out of me, if not for my seatmate Epy who suffers the same boredom, I would sleep through class. Anyway, because of the cancellation, and the 4 o clock GA of my org, I decided to kill time, waste money and try to look for the cute barista Clark at Starbucks. Alas, he wasn't in during those hours. Still, nothing beats an Iced Toffee Nut Latte (non-fat, decaf, with whipped cream) when you're feeling down.

It's finally dawned on me that school has begun. I've already had two quizzes (Bio 1 and Anthro 10) and I didn't do as well as I had hoped I would (where is that freshman drive?). And I'm about to take one of the infamous ten-minute quizzes in Comm 140, where I know nothing. Calling Littlejohn for a little one-on-one tutorial please?

Despite my crazy ass tight schedule on Fridays, I still manage to drive myself home without causing an accident due to dozing off at the wheel. Yes, my legs hurt and my sides are aching, but if this means I lose at least a fraction of that 28.5% body fat that stupid scale was talking about, then bring it on academic oval! I'm going to be so fit, I can look as great as Eka in her hot skinny jeans. Hopefully.

Isn't it just wonderful when you thought you were comfortable with a set of people, enough to show a bit of your true self, only to find out that you were totally wrong. And now you have to return to being wary of your actions every goddamn minute? Just a thought.

And guess who's coming home tomorrow? My favorite non-twin-brother PB is! This will only mean less concentration on school work, and more going out with him. I love it when he's around. 18 hours left. I can't wait.
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