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bye bye powI don't usually talk about eliminations on Philippine Idol because they've never really affected me this much (Save for the Reymond ouster, and that was because Pamy was really depressed). However, this week's elimination was just unfair. But then again, after 7 eliminations, not all of which were well-timed, I should have seen this one coming.

Yes, I heart Gian, but I also loved Pow. I wanted it to be a Pow-Gian finale (yes, I'm definitely dreaming high). Those two have always wowed me with their performances. Their voices always great to listen to, they're stage presence -- always amazing.

Pow stood out from Day 1 and though it's lovely to see her go this far, it's so sad that she had to go too soon. Paris Bennett from American Idol 5 also got kicked out at the Top 5 eliminations, and she was a crowd favorite too. I guess things are never really fair for the Idols either way. It's going to be a tough week without Pow, but I know she'll do fabulous in whatever it is she plans on doing.

Now I'm hoping Gian lasts another week. It would be wonderful if it was a Gian-Mau finale, but that would be asking way too much.
Oo, if there are people who will still vote for me, okay lang, okay lang din hindi.
--Miguel Mendoza on whether or not he was still wanted to stay in the competition
I don't know if he was thinking when he said this, but I think the right answer would have been to say he wanted to stay so bad. It was like he was already throwing in the towel and that stinks because he was safe.
Miguel, you have just been given a tremendous opportunity and blessing. Don’t treat the Philippine Idol title as just another notch in your belt, or another fling to do on the side. People voted for you, and they expect you to live up to their expectations. If you do become Philippine Idol, I suggest you run with it, take it very seriously, and build for yourself a long and lasting career. It is an insult to you, to your fellow finalists, to your fans, and to the Idol franchise, for you to not put 100% into this. You got yourself into it, so live up to it, kid. You’re very, very blessed.
--taken from Ganns Deen
I was going through my usual blog haunts for Philippine Idol and I found a really good entry on why Miguel Mendoza doesn't deserve all this hatred. I don't hate Miguel. I just hate the fact that Pow had to leave before him. Really logical words though.
Jan Nieto has been gaining ground week after week over Miguel Mendoza on the text votes (and obviously not necessarily on performance). He just surpassed Miguel.
It now looks like Jan Nieto will be the first Philippine Idol.
--taken from Rickey.Org
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This cannot be true. But Rickey's analysis of Philippine Idol was so eerily possible. Unfortunately, this might actually happen. I want to stay positive, but somehow I can see a Jan-Miguel finale. Oh no.

And to continue my oh so faulty and baseless American Idol-Philippine Idol parallelisms, I'll be predicting how the rest get kicked out. Although believe me, this is NOT HOW I WANT IT TO GO.
  • Kellie Pickler - Ken Dingle
    Self explanatory, y'all.
  • Paris Bennett - Pow Chavez
    That little kid with the big voice. Both talented. Both got the premature boot.
  • Chris Daughtry - Mau Marcelo
    The early favorite who will surprisingly get the boot.
  • Elliott Yamin - Gian Magdangal
    Do I even need to explain this? But seriously, I do not want him to go.
  • Katharine McPhee - Miguel Mendoza
    Talented, but much criticized for various reasons
  • Taylor Hicks - Jan Nieto
    WHAT THE FUCK!?! I had no choice, he was the only one left.

    I hate how my academics are getting in the way of this fandom. I should be a professional fan instead.
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