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El Terrible

I'm not rooting for the other team, I just think that Erik Morales is one handsome guy. He's got this smirk going on that just really makes me like him. I only watch the entrance of the boxing match (I can't take the "violence"), and Erik always manages to look really good. He even smiled as he entered the ring before the match.

My dad was of course aghast by my comment, being a diehard Pacquiao fan. Thank goodness we already knew the results of the match before actually watching it. I don't think I'd be able to handle the anticipation of not knowing who'd win the three round long boxing match.

Still, I'm glad that Pacquiao won. Really. National pride and all that aside, being punched for a living is not something I want. I'm glad that Manny made it out alive and not so damaged. I still think Erik Morales is pretty hot. Anyway, I saw this little bit of information online and the one I bolded out is pretty interesting.
Morales lost the November 18th fight with Manny Pacquiao 2:15 of the 3rd round by KO, by refusing to stand up before the 10 count. Morales will now pursue a singing career, a duet with Pacquiao.
-- taken from Wikipedia
Are you serious?
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