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I'm His Happy Thought Daw

Philippine Idol has taken over my life.

Pamy and I actually went all the way to SM Manila (without knowing the way either) just so we could catch the Idols in a mall show.

I've never been one to hang around mall shows, especially in SM malls. It's always so crowded and there are always so many people. But since it's the Idols (something I've gotten really addicted to) and Gian's birthday, I just HAD TO GO.

I actually didn't know what to get Gian, but after consulting with fangirl extraordinaire, Yam, I knew exactly what I'd get him. So after folding about 200 little stars that went with Gian's gift, I drive to SM Manila and despite being stuck in traffic, we actually make it on time.

fangirl gift

The show was really good too. I guess when the Idols perform without the pressure of being voted out makes them more relaxed performers. I was really impressed with Ken and Jeli's performances. They really knew how to work the crow without being too cheesey or awkward.

After the show, we got the Idols to sign posters and before I even got to Gian he called out to me and asked jokingly how many CD jackets I had. I was feeling shy about giving him a gift, but since these girls gave him balloons after his performance, I felt a little more confident about my gift.

This was when I almost died. He was so surprised and kept saying thanks. Then he gets up and gives me a little "beso." I swear I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I know they kiss a lot of fans, but I felt so giddy, I couldn't contain myself. I told him that if my gift didn't fit him, he has to tell me so I can have it changed (or rather have another one made). And then he gives me his number so that we can get in touch just in case the gift doesn't fit. I not only get a kiss, but his number too. How great is this? The vocal diarrhea just came on and I was so happy happy with all the other Idols.

pretty miguelHe didn't open it right away, but after the signing, he came out again and we talked for a while. The shirt fit him, apparently and he looked genuinely grateful. He made me beso again and I just didn't stop talking. I said a bunch of useless/crazy things. I couldn't stop myself.

I was in total squee-heaven when Gian said that I was his happy thought for his birthday (whooshoo), and I don't care if he's just saying it, but I'll believe him anyway. He said that he'd try to get me tickets for tomorrow's show. I really hope so. I could use tickets.

We've been around the Idols so many times, some of them really remember us. Ken was really nice to talk to, and I told him that I saw him in Megamall the day before and he kind of remembered me. Jeli even noticed that Pamy had cut her hair. Reymond was his usual nice, sweet self. Pow was really fun to talk to. She remembered us from last Sunday and was really nice to us.

When I asked Miguel to sign my poster, I wasn't really paying attention because Gian was talking to me. I didn't realize that what he had written was this: Hey! You're so pretty! - Miguel

Now I know I'm not supposed to believe everything they write down, but seriously, how cute is that of him? To think this guy is much more good looking than me. I have to admit I got a little kilig after reading it. Still, two besos from Gian trump everything else.

go the distance

But asides from all of that, I'm just glad he liked it. Making 200 stars made my fingers hurt like hell, but seeing his reaction was all worth it. I know Gian's probably got a lot of other fans who are as crazy or even more fanatical than me, but I just wanted to give him something (since it's his birthday and to remember me by). If he doesn't remember me after this, I don't know what I'll have to do next.

Tomorrow, I'm so lining up at MegaMall (ticket or no ticket). Being an Idol fan should just be my profession, I'm really good at this.
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